If anyone here is into or and also uses any compatible chat, join us over on and let's try to get a public chat room going! 🚲


@sam Gajim said "0 group chats found" when I tried to join.

@tk weird; try again? The room was moderated by mistake, but that shouldn't stop joining.

@tk hmm, all I can think is that there's some sort of problem with the server-to-server connection, but I don't run the server so I can't really check, sadly

@sam me! Although i don't think I'll be cycling in college anymore... (Room and classroom are ~1km apart)

@Aman9das My commute by bicycle (round trip) to work was ~16km until recently (plus a bus/train section), you can totally do it, I believe in you!

@Aman9das hah, sorry about that, I totally assumed that was a "this is a long distance" (even though it's not). That's probably what I'd do too at that distance

@sam I installed Pidgin but can't remember my XMPP account settings.

@lopta I haven't used Pidgin in years, but I remember it being terrible and its XMPP support being horribly outdated. Are there settings you need other than your address and password? I mean, I guess it would work well enough to join a chat, I just don't know. Good luck! You could always get a new account from somewhere like too if you needed!

@sam I set up an account on but it seems I missed the bicycles room by a few days.

@lopta We're still all in here chatting and what not whenever you'd like to join :)

@tfb @categulario I use that or Snikket ( which is a rebranded fork with a few extra features. Both are great!

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