Related to the post I just boosted: to all the "stop politicizing tragedies" people: if I ever get shot in a mass shooting, die in a climate related disaster, get hit by a car on my bike, etc. I give everyone permission to politicize my death (and thereby give it some modicum of meaning).

@sam Maybe we should get some sort of alert bracelet or card we can put in our wallets. Something that means, "If my death is a tragic and preventable result of systemic failures of society, please politicize my death if it will help fix the problems." :/

@sam @cstanhope I might start making a pact with friends for this...

I think it's really important to be clear about this, because otherwise it's not clear if you're being disrespectful to the family, etc or not. And then that energy that might have been used dissipates.

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