Are there any web services that aren't run by your favorite hosting co-op or collective that you'd like to have and would pay a small monthly fee for? I need to find a way to bring in a tiny bit of extra cash to pay the mortgage and have experience with running reliable services

@sam I've been thinking about running tiny tiny rss to not get served ads or be subject to machine learning stuff by feedly. IDK if that's what you had in mind.

@BreetzTootz hmmm, hosted RSS might be a good one (and I need it too), thanks!

@sam @BreetzTootz I run TTRSS on my lab's Cloudron. Would be good for a coop.

What about a coop that just lets people run a multi-app service like Cloudron and provides support? I think the future is the ecosystem, not any single app.

@ntnsndr @sam @BreetzTootz More like CoopCloud than Meet.Coop? (Meaning no offense to our dear comrades at

@Matt_Noyes @sam @BreetzTootz I think so. The focus should be on enabling what can't be done on commercial clouds, not shoddier versions of what can.

@ntnsndr @Matt_Noyes @BreetzTootz I guess I don't understand the difference. I do think this (and most commercial clouds) are too complicated and proprietary (in the sense that any deployment only works on their cloud with their one-off tools), but I don't know what else is out there. If you just want a VPS there's HCoop or web hosting co-op, I think

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