Welp, just got thrown over the bars of my bike into the road and cut my arm down into the muscle. Clearly the first thing to do is to post about it on social media. Good thing I don't live in a corporate dystopia where I don't have healthcare because for some reason that's tied to employment and my employer keeps everyone classified as "new employee" for as many years as possible to keep overhead low so that the store manager can get a bigger bonus! That'd be wack.

(sorry, just realized that I didn't actually say: I am fine, no need to worry! I'll keep an eye on it and if it looks like it's too deep to close on its own I'll stitch it up)

@sam Oh no! 😬 I hope you're able to get that taken care of swiftly. If you end up needing help with bills, it's reasonable to ask for help since we do live in this corporate dystopia. :(

@cstanhope much appreciated, but I'm relatively lucky and should be fine

@sam hope it heals quickly and painlessly!

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