I complain about the left tearing down the left a lot, but the last few days in particular I am absolutely sick of fellow leftists complaining about Democrats. I don't care how many of them are neo-liberals, or how many of them means test everything to death: the Republicans literally just overturned Roe v. Wade and that is going to put people into poverty, kill people, and generally make the lives of many people immeasurably harder.

So the next time you want to complain "the Democrats have a majority and haven't done anything, so obviously they don't *want* to do anything" remember that they don't have a majority they have 48 votes in their caucus at best.

It is extremely privileged to think that just because it won't make much of a difference to you personally if Republicans or Democrats are in power that you don't have to go out and vote for Democrats, no matter how much you dislike them, because it matters to a hell of a lot to the lives of women, anyone who's LGBTQI+, anyone who's below the poverty line, etc.


Anyways, going to cut this rant off there and brace for the incoming wave of "Well, *you're* a Democrat, not a real leftist", but please, please, please, I can barely stand thinking about how now that Roe is gone the Republicans *will* try to pass a nation wide ban if they re-take the congress and presidency, so go out and vote for Democrats, it may not be a great solution, but it's the only one we have right now and the only thing worse than fighting a holding action is losing a holding action.

@sam I agree with all of this 110%.

Honestly, the whole "you're not a real leftist" is so silly anyway because leftists are not a meaningful political segment. Purity tests don't get laws passed.

@BreetzTootz seriously; even "Democrat" is really a category error. I get it, you don't like Clinton-era neo-liberals, me neither, but if you can't vote for them consider it a vote against Republicans.

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