Me (a 31 year old who has spent time working in information security): "how can I disable the cellular modem in this car? Is it on a separate fuse to <important things>?"
Reddit: dozens of replies that don't answer the question but all say some variation of "you are old, why should anyone care about the company being able to remotely start/disable/update your car?"

@sam I don't currently have to deal with that in my car, and I'm really hoping my next car will be none...

@cstanhope It's definitely getting harder and harder; I've always bought >10 year old cars, but even a lot of those are starting to have over the air updates and what not.

@sam @cstanhope I think my prius '18 is the last "totally electronic" but fully offline car. It has some dumb online apps but they cannot even connect anywhere (because toyota gave up on harman kardon head units)

@sam 'Your car' lol.

It will be self driving cars we rent as needed. No insurance or maintenance or fuel costs no more crappy human drivers...

Just one monthly fee!

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