I am very seriously considering getting a Ford Maverick, in direct violation of my "don't buy new vehicles" rule. Is it weird that I think it would be better if the windows weren't powered like the mirrors? Trucks should have roller windows and the kids these days should stay off my lawn.


It has a few other things I don't love: I was hoping for an all electric drive train, trucks should be two door and have a longer bed, you can't get it with a hybrid power train and AWD (that one is the only thing that seriously gives me pause), etc. It's just slightly off from being my perfect vehicle in every way, but I think that for the price it might be close enough.

Also all that really matters is the extension system: I know I will never actually 3d print anything for it, but the fact that Ford put connectors all over the place and then gave away the CAD files for them so that you can 3d print accessories to go there is a trend I desperately hope continues.

Not to mention extra 12v power supplies in the bed (I actually would put bed lights and a compressor in if I got one)

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