Anyone (but particularly folks based in the Americas) want an account on a cooperatively run -compatible chat service? DM me! We're working on getting it setup but need cooperators!

@theotheroracle yep! XMPP is a protocol for instant messaging. It's like email or mastodon where any server that implements it can talk to any other server, so you don't all have to have an account on a single centralized service. It's been around for a while and is battle tested and quite popular but I'm not aware of any nodes being run cooperatively so we thought it might be worth a shot to spin one up.

@sam yea ik what xmpp is but im not sure what xmpp compatible means, it sounds like xmpp is one of its functions but not necesarrily the primary one ? like a "fedi compatible server" would sound like diaspora, something that does activitypub but has its own protocol

im probably overthinking it, i would be interested though

@theotheroracle Oh gotcha, sorry, I just meant we'd like to run a chat service that uses XMPP as the protocol and federates with other servers :)

@autonomic That's great! We're currently organizing on if you'd like to join us. The general idea is that a lot of services are run by individuals and it would be nice to have something that's less likely to be shut down when that individual gets bored, or that has 24/7 support because people in different timezones can restart things if they catch on fire and what not. It's early days though, so we haven't decided if it would be public or just for members.

@autonomic We're also trying to schedule a first meeting, but we'll see how the timezones work out:

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