Are there any good fiscal hosts for open source software projects operating in USD that either don't charge a fee, or do charge but are operated cooperatively?

If not, any other software projects want to form a co-op that's only purpose is to act as a fiscal host for the members and hire an accountant to handle the taxes and what not every year? It would probably be cheaper for us to do together than every separate project getting its own bank account and CPA.

@penguin42 The project I'm thinking of is tiny and doesn't have the large community they want to see (though it has been developed for a while and does get drive by contributions from others). Generally I want something that works for smaller projects run by one or two people and doesn't necessarily offer all the other services that they do, but maybe I should just apply and see what they say, their rules aren't entirely clear to me. Thanks!

@sam Yeh it's quite tricky for one/two people; because it's too small to set up voting/trust/structures

@penguin42 Looks like they take 10% too, which is fine, but if I'm going to pay a fee I'd prefer the organization to also operate cooperatively and as far as I know just being a project using them doesn't entitle you to a vote or anything. is a US non-profit so no-one has ownership rights and responsibilities except the board members, and they are financially responsible for resources that must serve the purpose of the non-profit. They are not supposed to serve their own interests. For this reason, member projects don't 'vote' as owners. For biggest impact to FOSS and their own staff efficiency, I believe lately they've pared back to what they believe are a smaller number of strong projects.

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