Co-op idea: Several of my neighbors and I periodically need a truck but don't have one to borrow and don't want to bear the expense and difficulty of using one as a daily driver. I wonder if anyone has ever collectively purchased a neighborhood co-op truck? You'd all split the cost and maintenance based on logged miles. Whomever parks it pays a bit less maybe.

Maybe insurance would make this impossible?

@sam Insurance makes this complicated, unless your country allows for organisations to own property, and through that insure it, might be worth checking.

@Artemis work trucks owned by companies and driven by many people are definitely a thing, I'd just worry that it's prohibitively expensive.

@sam yeah, you want to check if organisations can do that for cheaper than companies can, I know we do that with our Coop cargo bikes in Sweden, but have no idea if that insurance is just possible because of Sweden's weird organisation laws or not.

@sam one model of housing coop in the UK is where you basically set up a housing association that owns one house. You then become both the landlord and tenant. I guess in this case you'd be setting up a car rental company which only members can rent from? I guess you'd do insurance like that but I don't know if it would be prohibitively expensive for a one vehicle fleet or could be cheaper than doing it as an individual.

@aaaaargZombies I was thinking you'd setup a holding corporation that just has a work vehicle that's only purpose is to be a company car for members, but yah, similar kind of idea. I think rental companies have tons more regulations to follow, but I'm not sure. Add lawyer fees to the startup cost I guess.

@sam to be fair I think the reason you do that for housing coops is so you can submit a business plan to the bank for the mortgage rather than having everyone's income assessed.

@sam A local permaculture co-op has an arrangement where two members have made their trucks available to the co-op in return for a fee. In Razeto's terms, it is a "compensated non-equity contribution of use." If it would help to talk with them, I can connect you.

@Matt_Noyes You lost me with the economics talk, but thanks! I'll reach out if I can convince anyone to do it, that model might be viable too!


I keep meaning to check if Ithaca car-share has any trucks in their fleet.


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