Are there cooperative investment portfolios or index funds? 

I'm thinking everyone buys in for a certain amount, you invest that money and distribute any returns or dividends based on the input amount, but you vote all voting shares the same way (based on a proxy vote) so that once the fund gets big enough you can compete with the big single investors and forcefully democratize capitalist markets in the same way labor unions do the workplace? If not: any accountants want to help me start a co-op?


Alternative idea: an OpenCollective/Patreon style site where you post lists of ballot initiatives and anyone who wants to support them can put money in. Or it makes it easy for activist groups to post their own initiatives and if enough join you buy the shares and propose it. It would handle the money, proxy voting, etc. to make it easy for activist groups to collectively become activist investors. No fees, you keep the co-op or non-profit alive by taking a small percent of any dividends.

@sam see govrn. They're doing crowdfunded political donations based in achieving specific benchmarks

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