Fedifolks: I need a new feed reader that I don't have to host myself that includes an Android app and has a free tier. Innoreader has been great, but the free tier shows ads and limits the number of feeds you can have and I'm no longer making enough money to justify paying for it. Recommendations?

Actually, I wonder if this would be a good fit for the list of possible services eventually? One of the things I like about innoreader (and probably also some open source/hosted ones) is that you can share feeds with others which is a thing I wish more companies would setup for employees (having all ops people subscribed to the same security alerts feed for example). /cc @redoak

@BreetzTootz Tried Feedly; I had trouble with it though. When I exported/imported my old OPML file it didn't actually import a ton of my feeds, it seems to have some AI thing it constantly wants me to use, and the next/previous shortcuts complain that they're at the end of the feed half the time (even though they're not). I dunno, might be holding it wrong, but I was having trouble. It looks nice though.

@sam weird, never experienced any of that. Although it's been a while since I imported.

@BreetzTootz the import I can probably go back and fix, but switching to a folder and hitting 'n' and nothing happens is quite frustrating (but if I've scrolled a bit or something it does work, that actually is the shortcut as far as I can tell)

@sam j and k are next and previous on desktop and they work great for me. Is that what you're trying to do?

@BreetzTootz huh, I was trying n/k which seem to work some of the time, but not all of the time. j/k seems to work all of the time.

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