Thought experiment: What would happen if you required companies with a physical presence to pay employees a wage that would let them live within, say, biking distance of work? I suspect it would make areas around public transit much more popular, and it might create an incentive for places to move to poorer areas (which may be great for the economy but could also make polluting factories in poorer areas even worse).


Suddenly companies would have good reason to push for affordable houses, public transit hookups, etc. in rich areas. Or maybe they'd start lobbying the cities to build better bike infrastructure. Or maybe it would all be terrible, I honestly don't know.

Alternatively: require that companies add hours to your timecard equal to your average commute time (we'll be handwavey about how this is calculated). Companies would probably only hire people who live near them which wouldn't be ideal, but maybe it would also encourage them to advocate for easier transit and what not.

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