Fediverse, help me out: in middle school (~2001) I *loved* a series of books and I now remember almost nothing about them and can't find them. I vaguely remember the characters and plots were different in each one, but that it involved people finding their way into faery (which was the only consistent thing between books, I think) and that they always ended in unresolved cliff hangers. (1/n)

In one the characters were hiding from some sort of peril and were being offered protection in a safe city. For some reason though they thought that the payment for entering the city was to give up all free will (similar to the city in "A Wrinkle in Time"). In the end they decide it's worth the risk and go down to the city, and then it ends and you have no idea if whatever it was they thought would happen actually does or if it was some sort of trap.

I also remember there were descriptions of cigar shaped UFO's in the sky. No idea what that was about, just that it was one of the things in the perilous realm that you wanted to avoid I guess.

I have a few other vague images of a horseman (possibly the messenger from the city in the one I was attempting to describe) who may or may not have been headless and the queen of faery living on the opposite shore of a windy lake, but I doubt that sort of thing will be much help if it's even related at all.

Also I have no idea if they called it faery or not, but it was an other-place that fits the archetype well enough; just don't get hung up on the word, it may have had another name.

I have been trying to figure out what these books were on and off for *years* now, so any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm pretty sure the book I was describing is Andre Norton’s "Here Abide Monsters" and at least one of the others I read was "Moon of Three Rings" (which I'm pretty sure was my favorite of the 3 or 4 books by her our library had). Now to start scouring paperback stores and local libraries.

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