Soliciting ideas: I might have the means to cooperatively acquire a 3 acre "unusable" piece of land. It's in the middle of the city in a deep valley that floods with no easy access by road and nowhere to conveniently park nearby. It has a very nice stream and lake taking up approximately half of it and it's heavily forested. Is there a way we could generate revenue with it somehow that we could donate? Using it to grow things comes to mind, but access for getting goods in and out is a problem.


The Silver Comet Trail (long distance bike trail) is nearby, it would be difficult but not impossible to connect it if we could convince other property owners to allow for easements. Maybe put a tiny home on it and rent it out as a nice place for bikers to stay the night and donate the profits to the trail foundation? Connecting it may prove impossible though.

I say "in the middle of the city". It's in an industrial area just outside the city, but the point is there is a major road bordering it on one side, factories or warehouses or something on two sides, and train tracks on the other side. It is surrounded by city like things, but is a tiny forested patch that feels completely isolated when you're down there!

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