Would anyone be interested in giving a talk (or demo, or brief intro followed by an AMA, etc.) on the to a group of mostly enthusiasts? It could be mastodon specific or more general, about the technology, about the social aspects, etc. just something to encourage people to check it out.

@404 Thanks! More info and signup can be found here:

We should chat about it before you sign up though, reach out and let me know what you'd like to do and we can talk about the rules of the talks and what not (if you don't know my JID ping me in one of the XSF rooms and I'll send it to you) Thanks again!

@sam I'd hang out in a call and answer questions

@rob Thanks, if anyone actually gives a talk I'll be sure to add you to the invites list! If not maybe I can do a quick overview and then hand it over to an FAQ session with people who know more than me.

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