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Another day of and the presentation is officially behind us! Good job @groceryheist onto other (lunch-focused) things until @mako 's ignite talk.

is going well, lots of contacts and conversations at last night's receptions. About to listen to the presidential address by 's very own Patricia Moy! Looking forward to more connections tonight, apparently there is a ...

day 2 is going well, too many sessions to see them all! Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Online Communities is wrapping up and I will probably head to the poster session next!

At my first @icahdq event specifically the @ica_cm preconference that @groceryheist et al. organized. Looking forward to a week of academic presentations, receptions, and generative conversations! Will try to keep the feed up-to-date with forward.

May Day, May Day, on this Day in May I have a thing to say. Long has federation been a consideration, especially as Mastodon appears to be more than a mirage. Alas, choices will paralyze and ides fail to materialize. This post, this instance, this moment, yet another push will be shoved as the chains of unfree software continue to weigh. To that I say, Hey! Eventuality may not have crystalized, but for now my toots can be distillized. Remember to if you want to enjoy

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