Did you miss Aaron Wolf, Athan Spathas, and @salt presenting "FLOSS daily — but FLO all the time"? You can watch the recording any time at seagl.org/archive/2021/floss-d

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Thank you to everyone who made #SeaGL2021 great. We can’t wait for you to join us November 4–5, 2022 for the tenth year of SeaGL!


A bunch of folks from the collective had a wonderful time meeting with folks from @haystack_csail as part of the lab speed dating social event that was part of the social program for @ACM_CSCW! Thanks to @sohwng for helping make it happen!

Thanks @fossandcrafts @mlemweb and @cwebber ! Yay to having just enough prompting to push an update to ye olde website... Look forward to ingesting this after ! Can't wait to see you and everyone else @SeaGL !

And we're back! After a month hiatus due to travel, we've got a new episode interviewing @salt about his dissertation research on resilience in FOSS!


Since Salt is one of the organizers of @SeaGL we 'announced' our keynote at the end of the episode with the intention of releasing it earlier ... but at least we managed to get it out the week of the conference!

New episode of @fossandcrafts! Episode 37: Salt on Resilience in FOSS fossandcrafts.org/episodes/37-

Back from our month long hiatus! And what a way to come back! It was great talking with @salt, and his thesis was legit a delight to read and talk about!

It also changed my perspective: "crisis events" *can* mean the end of a community, but they can also be an opportunity?!

Episode 37: Salt on Resilience in FOSS fossandcrafts.org/episodes/37-

@salt joins us to talk about his master's dissertation on the resilience of FOSS communities in the face of crisis events, and the kinds of long term impact "founder decisions" can have!

We asked for your name suggestions and you delivered. Now it's time to vote on the names for the colors on SeaGL's color palette. The winning names will be announced at the end of #SeaGL2021 seagl.org/news/2021/11/01/colo

#seagl #flossconf

Looking for someone from the community with TypeScript/JS familiarity who would volunteer a bit of dev time modifying a forked version of Element this weekend for @SeaGL . Please DM or forward this along. Thanks!

Posted some reflections on returning to to watch my advisees @kayleachampion and @salt present their research using data from @debian@quitter.se mako.cc/copyrighteous/returnin

My student @salt just gave a great talk on his master's thesis work on "Resilience in FLOSS: Do founder decisions impact development activity after crisis events?" at 'w : debconf21.debconf.org/talks/24

While working on our style guide, we realized our colors need better names. You can help us choose! Submit your suggestions at docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI


I'm going to let you in on a little secret: @cwebber and @mlemweb will be presenting a #SeaGL2021 keynote. If you want to be on the schedule, too, the #cfp is open until August 19! seagl.org/news/2021/06/24/cfp.
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The #SeaGL2021 staff will hold office hours next week!

Sun Aug 1, 3pm PDT
Tues Aug 3, 5:30pm PDT
Sat Aug 7, 3pm PDT

Join us at chat.seagl.org for questions and live assistance with your proposals. Come ask us anything related to the CfP!

🎶It is one week til proposals due
SeaGL program wants to hear from you
Tell us what you know 'bout FLOSS
Help make #SeaGL2021 awesomesauce🎶


There has been some conversation around whether the reports that vaccinated folks are still transmitting the virus means that we'll be wearing masks forever. I couldn't stop myself from throwing this picture together...

Snowdrift.coop is still working to get launched, and we've made huge progress in charting the path forward. You can help too!

New blog post "What Snowdrift Needs to Launch"

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