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As left libertarian localist developers, we must take the lead in critical technologies that impact our communities' health, intellectual development, self-sufficiency, and privacy. Let's get inspired by one of these amazing free ideas and build something.

Hell, let's build all of it:

Looking for a few good VCs (venture communes).

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disappointed to see the defeatism w.r.t. computing paradigms.

don't let the capitalists win!
they never asked our permission.

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AlgorithmWatch: Automated decision-making systems and the fight against COVID-19 – our position 

Competition levels playing fields. Capital digs up the playing field and puts up a luxury high rise with armed guards.

Does anyone know the syntax if any for suppressing a link preview, like above?

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The collective intelligence of Twitter is doing amazingly well, outperforming any official news sources in terms of quality + speed of info. It's amazing to see what happens when you focus a massive distributed cognition network at a single problem for a month.

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@ntnsndr posted a great idea about "public remote works" programs.

Public work programs like building roads were big part of the New Deal.

What could be similar projects that could be done remotely during this crisis?

Few ideas:
- Gathering Census data and doing other phone interviews for surveys.
- Translations, transcriptions, recording audiobooks.

Writing an article about this to Mutual Interest media co-op.

Any ideas and retoots appreciated!!

If you benefit from taxpayer subsidies, corporate-friendly tax law, and the ability to enclose and privatize publicly-funded research in biology, engineering, and computer science, to the tune of millions or billions of $US, you are not a free market company with extra money. You are a government with less accountability. Lives are at stake.

US people: If you've received a form, don't delay.

It may not seem like the most important thing at the moment, but we do not want an undercount due to crisis. Census count → distribution of representation, resources and readiness — in crisis situations and not.

Please share.

swearing, bezos 

I made a video in celebration of 1924. CW: on YouTube for now.

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Someone should study how voter turnout in blue collar trade union elections is connected with the union members switching from social democratic to nationalist parties.

My bet is that low turnout is connected with more switching from social democrats to nationalists.


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