With land now subdued to the state, its tax regime, and its true masters, the free home / civic participation / economic growth incentive was removed. The masters had their wealth. Thus the conquerors' human tools and the conquered became internally-divided colonies. (2/2)

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Rent in the US: The "Don't evict me" fee due every month and enforced by the police power of the very same state that used to give away free land (containing sufficient resources to build a home) under the Homestead Act — when the goal was conquest of indigenous people and an end to the unbowed commons. (1/2)

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Thinking about how things become "true" online through repetition.

Take Jill Stein (aka the reason I left the green party). She's, uh, not great. But she's also not anti-vaxxer. She is actually a medical doctor and said something about needing to meet people where they're at and listen to their concerns. This actually seems like it would be the best approach for GPs to take. But this got distorted into implying she thinks antivaxxers concerns are medically legitimate, which was further distorted into support for their position, which was further distorted into her belonging to their movement.

There is no shortage of Stein statements to object to. She is an embarrassment. It's completely unnecessary to invent new ones, but the online echo-distortion machine invented them anyway, because you can't have anything nuanced in 140 characteristic. Our discourse is still like this.

This happens a lot, especially to people who aren't cishet white men. As soon as they have one dodgy opinion, we're primed to believe every negative thing, true or not.

This is part of how perfectionism serves kyrarchy. Everyone is flawed, but only a few people are allowed to be flawed. For most people being guilty of some number of sins means they must be guilty of all sins.

We need to do better on this.

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"Misson and the rest of the pirate community were strongly opposed to the various forms of authoritarian social constructs such as monarchies, slavery, and capital.

These same pirates practiced forms of direct democracies that are similar to the democracies of 21st century. They envisioned a society where the people as a whole held the authority to make laws and rules, and used systems of councils with elected delegates.

Pirates were strong anti-capitalists, who opposed the dispossession that followed the histories ascent of wage labor and capitalism. The society that they had established was a form of direct democracy intertwined with a socialist economy. "


the state committed suicide, cannibalised itself / while the banks treating fictitious capital like it's wealth / your lurid lobby system means corruption is legalised / privatise health care, elsewhere people die / rebellion lives in all those that dream of a better way / refuse to be brainwashed with false visions of yesterday / choose to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted / so many choose the opposite, their spirit contradicted"

Lowkey - Soundtrack to the Struggle 2

TL;DW of recent Beau of the Fifth Column video: Remove federal funding for police departments that refuse to immediately fire every single officer who has even 1 excessive force complaint in the last year, whether or not an internal review board decided it was founded. Then a federal agency made up entirely by civil rights attorneys in charge of reviewing cases, reinstating officers with back pay if they agree with force used in all incidents.


الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام

spacex starship fire test (3/3) 

Considering that we may be the only sentients in the galaxy, Musk, Bezos, and Branson are committing crimes against our descendants around countless systems. Space tech, like computer tech, was seeded by public money and must remain public. With this trend, there is no Federation in our future. We aren’t even the Borg. We’re the Ferengi.

spacex starship fire test (2/3) 

Without that act of violence against the commons, we’d have rotating colony habitats and asteroid mines by now, with the profits brought back to the taxpayers who funded them, and the related technologies solving all of our other problems, including climate change, disease, and inequality. Private industry is already responsible for immeasurable suffering, and if they are allowed to dominate the solar system, that’s game over for a united, prosperous humanity.(2/3)

spacex starship fire test 


I’m glad no one was hurt in the SpaceX Starship fire test explosion in Texas this morning. I’m also glad that it happened. Private space exploration is the result of the aerospace capital lobby purposefully starving NASA and the rest of the once-proud public space effort for decades. Knowing that trilllions, quadrillions of dollars of profits were to be had. (1/3)

Let's replace the word 'definition' with 'wordbuilding'. 

Its 'fin' implies a (fin)ality that does not fit with the impermanence, fluid nature, or contested grounds of language. Perhaps 'wordbuilding' should be the choice -- avoids needless Latin roots, evokes worldbuilding, echoes Five Percenter (and other) usage of "build".

Don't think they give a damn about you, or the identities and ideologies they push in your feed. They just needed you to ensure that the movement for justice would never have a majority. That the people, divided, would always stay defeated.

There are enough resources on this planet to ensure abundance and autonomy for everyone. Lack is engineered. There is enough love in our hearts to ensure community for everyone. Hatred and apathy are engineered.

Know it's true, then act accordingly.


If you're satisfied with that little handout of dignity or security you're allotted, that little extra slice of the part of the pie they let you see, as payment for your complicity to a system of economic injustice; if you think inequity is natural, or, God forbid, justified, take heed:

The moment the elite consolidates all power in their hands, they're coming for you too.


If you're worried about a government boot approaching your neck, it is your responsibility to ally with those with a knee to their neck right now.

If you don't agree with that, you owe it to yourself to deeply consider the possibility that your opinion is being manipulated.

Why? Because those in control require your consent to oppress your fellow man... but only for now.

However, the opposite is absolutely the case. Dismantling all unjustified hierarchy and remaining vigilant in preventing its return, a left libertarian society would absolutely allow people to go it alone and attempt to compete in the world using their lone genius... provided they use no violence to coerce labor. (2/2)

Right-libertarians often claim that in the absence of regulation, cooperatives and communes would be fully allowed, with people free to voluntarily combine our efforts. Under financial capitalism, however, any power vacuum vacated by the State will immediately be filled by our neofeudal lords, who'd have no ethical qualms taking over the monopoly on violence the State has abandoned. (1/2)

Yesterday I started a series of bike-rides-per-algorithm, looping in rectangles of incrementally increasing perimeter. I must be stdout, because I had to stop and record this to file.

(3/3) It's nationalist political posturing—on all sides—that endangers cooperation on this issue. No matter the precise origin of the current crisis, such posturing endangers *all* forms of cooperation.

Cooperation between scientists, that is, who seek to warn the world, not competition between chain-of-command secretive hierarchical governments in both hemispheres who play global power games with our lives—and seek your assent for division, your demoralisation, your cynicism, and your fear.

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