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I made a video in celebration of 1924. CW: on YouTube for now. youtu.be/twB4OlLB24k

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Someone should study how voter turnout in blue collar trade union elections is connected with the union members switching from social democratic to nationalist parties.

My bet is that low turnout is connected with more switching from social democrats to nationalists.

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Solicitation of advice from graphic designers and street artists:

If you wanted to distribute a set of related graphic designs—meant to be printed and posted (lawfully, of course) by those who download them, license the designs Creative Commons NC-SA, and solicit support/contributions for the work, where would you do that? Thanks!

Let's give the word "zillion" a formal definition that acknowledges stagnant wages and declining wealth for US working class communities since 1979, while GDP grew 700%. A US "zillionaire" is someone with more than the following amount of dollars — 1 million, multiplied by GDP growth since 1979. That's 8 million now, but will remain indexed to GDP.

"A zillionaire can live a middle class lifestyle on savings account interest alone." "Jeff Bezos has 14,000 zillion dollars."

Six hours until southern solstice. This year, the subsolar point is at 23° 26' S, 119° 34' E—on Nyiyaparli land.

Another reason to oppose Amazon through means available to you—whether that's buying a competing product, influencing your government(s) to stop subsidies, or developing alternatives:

"Proactive suspect matching" with f̶a̶c̶i̶a̶l̶ racial recognition…


@tomscott reminds us "Why Electronic Voting Is Still A Bad Idea". Someday, perhaps, a potential EV system can match the levels of anonymity and trust achieved through the decentralised, well-guarded, secret paper ballot, with which we've had centuries of experience. Until that time, EV must be banned by the constitutional and statute law of all existing jurisdictions—especially large ones—for referenda and for representation.


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The Tories were desperate to divert media attention from the story about a 4 year old boy with pneumonia, left on the floor of a hospital, with coats for bedding, because there were no beds available. This story was real.

Kuenssberg, Peston, Usherwood & Brand were only to willing to assist. In their rush to report first, they didn't perform *basic* journalistic checks. Fake news personified.

#media #politics #FakeNews #Tories #Labour #GE2019

As a shadow of its former self, NASA have launched a vegetable at the moon. The sea kale has landed.


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