I just want to express thanks that QGIS allows you to save the whole project even while an intense application-crashing algorithm is running, and annoyance I didn't know this last week!

Made a new video debunking the "all presidents are related" conspiracy theory: 

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The last iPhone I'll buy obsolesced itself on Christmas Eve 2020, minutes after it overheard it would be replaced by a Librem 5 as soon as Purism reaches shipping parity in Feb and I can justify the leap.

Fortunately, my wife had upgraded from an iPhone 6 in 2016, and it was just lying around. So Big Tech's "plan" to get me in another contract was foiled for now.

"Plan" is putting it strongly. I also can't keep dust out of charging ports.

, step 0/(c≫1)

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New York state has combined most of its portals into one thing for "ease of access" and you have to create a single login to access pretty much most government services that have an online presence

I was trying to get to the DMV page and the login has a Google Captcha

Besides that, there's a heap of tracking junk and other analytics including zeronaught.com, which is also owned by Google

How can you be against it as a monopoly while feeding it analytics for your own services?

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The community-owned, affordable housing cooperative I'm an investor in is raising another $50MM in 2021. ebprec.org/investor-owner

Imagine what $50M in low-cost purchasing power for community-owned housing for East-Bay rooted BIPOC families looks like!

Hundreds of families, all housed securely in neighborhoods _they own_, building multi-generational wealth every time they make their monthly housing payment.

#Coops #Housing #Coop

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(universal basic wealth) not universal basic income. If it's mere income, the entire human working class will be put into basically the economic position of colonised indigenous people. Superfluous and occupying land that could be put to the use of the masters of automated capital. (2/2)

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UBI is a scam by half-well-meaning tech and finance bros to tide over the human working class as we become ex-workers due to automation and the move to near-Earth space resource extraction. Said automation is only possible due to 70 years of publicly-funded R&D in computer science and related fields, so we are actually owed an inalienable (not sellable) share in any companies growing from such tech. That would be UBW (1/2)

Ctrl-Fn-Opt-Start-Apple-Alt what? 

Currently using a single keyboard as input for a macOS desktop and two Ubuntu laptops, one with a Windows VM. "Where's the modifier key" should be one of those senility-preventing cognitive challenges. Ctrl-Fn-Opt-Start-Apple-Alt what?

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Amazon, Washington Post 

@ruby I saw something that said Jeff Bezos could pay each of his employees a $100k bonus and still be as rich as he was before the pandemic. So surely this means he could also pay people, I dunno, a dollar for every WaPo article they read. Adding this to my list of demands for when we've got him all tied up and ready to concede ;-)

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The Groundhog Autonomous Zone (GAZ) is a non-contiguous confederacy of human people acting as mutualists toward the goal of extracting and resources from the contemporary colonial kyriarchist hegemony for the development of non-kyriarchal assets.

It was created by me, in recognition of my existence within and dependence on colonialism, and a desire to work toward ending both of those states, for all human people.

To explain the GAZ as a whole, let me explain one area of the Zone, the Cottenboro GAZ.

The Cottenboro GAZ is located within the colonial settlements of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, in North Carolina territory; on the traditional and unceded land of the Shakori-Eno. It doesn’t have firm borders, but is centered around the head of the “Lloyd” branch of the “Bolin” Creek watershed.

The heart of the area holds a Free Market, curated by several local mutualists. The Market consists of several tables and bins, available almost all the time, stocked with food and household supplies. The goods come from the waste of local commercial grocers, the farms and gardens of neighbors, and occasionally other groups in the area. Importantly, there is no requirement to present an ID, register any paperwork, or even interact with another person: people can simply come to the area, find the Market, and fill up their bags with whatever they’d like.

Surrounding the Free Market is an ethnobotanical and ethnopedological workshop that I operate, called Makȟá Šá (red clay) after the ultisol soil that dominates the area. There are active experiments in urban edaphology, using reclaimed shipping materials as agritectural materials, including vermiculture. These experiments support the growing of plants for seeds and division to be gifted to the community, as well as a variety of medicines which are also gifted. (Increasing the amount of medicine produced on-site has been a priority of the Cottenboro GAZ this year, due to COVID-19.)

I picture the area as an attempt to step into the future: people bring back the land to this hub, and here we shape it into something different than what colonialism has represented it as. In a real way, this helps provide medicine to the community, and gives everyone involved a little… breathing room, letting them, if they want, reconsider their relationship with colonialism.

The Cottenboro GAZ, as I said, is just one area of the Zone: there are others, I’m just focusing on this one because it was the first, and is the one I know the best.

Uniting these areas are the stories that those who “work” in them tell each other.

Prior to today, those stories were told privately, between the folk in the Zone, and it has been hard to coordinate, especially as the project has grown.

Now, there is a Web service which is intended to serve as a forum for all people who labor for the GAZ. It is run using Mobilizon, which provides mechanisms for holding online groups and organizing events.

I consider this the first step in expanding the project beyond meeting some immediate survival needs, and I am excited to have taken it!

To those of you who are participants in the GAZ, please watch your inboxes for an invitation to the platform. Once you’re in, please remember, this is a mutualist effort: please don’t think you need permission to make new groups or events.

#agritecture #anarchy #colonialism #cottenboro-gaz #covid-19 #decolonization #edaphology #ethnobotany #ethnopedology #food #groundhog-autonomous-zone #health-services #mak%c8%9fa-sa #medicine #mobilizon #mutualism #praxis #vermiculture #webgaz


We're not far from tech like fusion, room-temperature superconductors, power satellites, and orbital climate mitigation, which would mean the end to the carbon crisis. Quickly. And you want to say that the new tech, which will pay you back a trillionfold -- not your descendants, *you*, because life extension and post-scarcity are happening, is not something we should collectively invest in, bringing jobs along the way? Because it will make the people rent-seeking off the old tech cry? Stop it.

Post-scarcity, an economic condition where all basic needs and some luxuries can be produced at zero marginal cost, is where automation is likely to lead us in decades. And you want governments to kill with austerity? You want to let the technology of liberation from servitude, bought by public/taxpayer R&D, be "owned" by those who can buy IP laws? So that you can be forced into a busy-work "job" so that you can pay what are effectively software licenses on freely-copied objects? Stop it.

Deageing, an end in sight to the diseases of ageing, and medical advances that will make life expectancy increase by more than one year per year are all around the corner. Ageing is reversible; diabetes was just all but cured; AI solved protein folding, which will lead to cancers' end as well. And you're talking about accommodating to a beatable virus because "death is natural"? Stop it.

With land now subdued to the state, its tax regime, and its true masters, the free home / civic participation / economic growth incentive was removed. The masters had their wealth. Thus the conquerors' human tools and the conquered became internally-divided colonies. (2/2)

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Rent in the US: The "Don't evict me" fee due every month and enforced by the police power of the very same state that used to give away free land (containing sufficient resources to build a home) under the Homestead Act — when the goal was conquest of indigenous people and an end to the unbowed commons. (1/2)

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Thinking about how things become "true" online through repetition.

Take Jill Stein (aka the reason I left the green party). She's, uh, not great. But she's also not anti-vaxxer. She is actually a medical doctor and said something about needing to meet people where they're at and listen to their concerns. This actually seems like it would be the best approach for GPs to take. But this got distorted into implying she thinks antivaxxers concerns are medically legitimate, which was further distorted into support for their position, which was further distorted into her belonging to their movement.

There is no shortage of Stein statements to object to. She is an embarrassment. It's completely unnecessary to invent new ones, but the online echo-distortion machine invented them anyway, because you can't have anything nuanced in 140 characteristic. Our discourse is still like this.

This happens a lot, especially to people who aren't cishet white men. As soon as they have one dodgy opinion, we're primed to believe every negative thing, true or not.

This is part of how perfectionism serves kyrarchy. Everyone is flawed, but only a few people are allowed to be flawed. For most people being guilty of some number of sins means they must be guilty of all sins.

We need to do better on this.

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"Misson and the rest of the pirate community were strongly opposed to the various forms of authoritarian social constructs such as monarchies, slavery, and capital.

These same pirates practiced forms of direct democracies that are similar to the democracies of 21st century. They envisioned a society where the people as a whole held the authority to make laws and rules, and used systems of councils with elected delegates.

Pirates were strong anti-capitalists, who opposed the dispossession that followed the histories ascent of wage labor and capitalism. The society that they had established was a form of direct democracy intertwined with a socialist economy. "


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