For a blockchain based project, hailing from Germany; We are looking for (free-ish) and advice with regards to the treatment of based tokens that are minted by each receiver themselves and used during exchange of value between actors on their network. Please DM me for leads.

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Reading about the coop movement during the great depression is really funny, because essentially people went "hey, you still have food, we still have labor, can we just do stuff anyway? even though there's no money?"

And then they were like "oh hey looks like the economy was fake all along"

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Hi everyone! @mattcropp told me about I am part of Polis — We are working on building tools and social methods to create high participatory organizations that go after innovative and large positive impact projects using a cooperative model. I am here to learn and share about the legal forms and ways to fund these projects and share anything else that we are learning. Looking forward to participate in the discussions!

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