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WHEW that sure was a 3-hour meeting 😅

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Help. is rust a game or a programming language

good good work coop year-end meeting tomorrow; excited, nervous, and still haven't written a damn vision statement

about me: conflicted anticapitalist

good good work (sort of, it's actually a member's) just got a vps and i've spent like 6 hours today trying to set it up to serve webs

"what's that? we might get to decide how user data is stored for this website?" "what's that? we might eventually get to write an API for a content collation website?"

oh no i've started advocating for good good work projects

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The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago.

The next best time is now.

But don't expect to harvest anything this year if you're only planting the tree now. Not even if you plant a hundred trees. Not even if you throw all the horse shit you can manage at the field, either.

- Jaycie Holder on project management

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If you have a account but have moved over to a different server, you can login to your old account and, under edit profile, setup a profile redirect note.

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Please continue to repeat the "bitcoin is the reason you can't buy cheap GPUs anymore" meme because if one thing could make this cyberpunk hell dimension bearable it would be if the gamers and the bitcoiners, fought

"drinkable but not anywhere near good" coffee

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shit why hadn't i listened to crooked still's some strange country before

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@mayel hey! @drew and i have a coworker who tried to sign up a while ago when the automatic reg wasn't working, and still hasn't got through; any light you can shed? should she just sign up again?

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AGPL: 1. Affero GNU Public License 2. age/gender/pronouns/location?

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Learning a thing or two from reading Smilodon's source.

I love learning things.

/cc @rowan

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i'm sorry i just can't believe that you can follow @rowan and *see things that i say there* like what a cool thing dang

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y'all toots show up if you follow @rowan but. boosting doesn't work.

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