yesterday in "of course that exists, intellectual coastal snobs don't have a monopoly on worker-owned businesses": worker-owned trucking company. nice.

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heyyyy we're [@goodgoodwork is] looking for another developer! interested in co-ops? interested in getting involved with co-ops? check us out 😎

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Them: Sir, we have video surveillance footage of you defacing government property
Me: it doesn’t have my PGP signature tho

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Hello everyone, allow me to do an of myself.

I am very passionate about free software, and free culture. I also work in the civil liberties and information security spaces (currently at Freedom of the Press Foundation).

Currently live in , but originally based in .

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I left a comment explaining why GitLab could be improved by an order of magnitude or so by having federations support

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coming off of a really hard, really powerful, really important retreat weekend with my co-op. lots of hard, abstract, and essential conversations about our future, systems, relationships, and everything else that makes us us.
i’m feeling really optimistic and excited about this group of people, and i can’t wait to see what we manage after this weekend.

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I want a trans adventure
period piece starring written by and owned by trans people. I want them to tell their own stories and get rich doing it.

I. Want. More.

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I want a billion dollar Black queer sci fi movie franchise produced and distributed by a Black owned production house.

I want more. I want us to keep pushing ty i think so too
should prob update the content there tho oh noooo :( :( :( the saddest whoop sorry!!

@gabe keep an eye on , as well (headed up by ); entirely possible that once it's released a coop instance will pop up

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