Hi All,

I'm Ron. I work in a public library in Iowa and a MLIS student at Valdosta State (online). I would describe myself as a generalist. I bake bread, tinker with Linux, and watch TV in my free time.

Right now I'm interested in the idea of creating a Digital Community Archive at my public library. Kind of like a history archive, but also current stuff. I would really like to help rebuild my community which has been hollowing out my whole life.

Greetings! I I was born and raised in Iowa but unfortunately now live in Pennsylvania. I'm always glad to see more people from my home state here.

@ND3JR Hi Dave! Nice to meet you. What part of Iowa are you from? I'm in Ottumwa. BSD huh? Someday, when the kiddos are grown a little more I want to play around with it. I love, love, love, ZFS. I've never felt about a filesystem the way I feel about ZFS. :)

I’m from Waterloo originally, lived there and in Cedar Falls for 29 years. Moved to Dubuque in 2009 and stayed until 2014 when I got my current job here in Pennsylvania.

Ah ZFS, the filesystem that's also a volume manager. I've only used it on Solaris and OpenIndiana but I agree, it's wonderful. FreeBSD is the BSD you'll want if ZFS is a high priority for you as their implementation is the most up-to-date.

@ND3JR I went to UNI. Cedar Falls is a great town!

Aside from people there yelling out their car windows at me when I'd ride my bike, the city council having to be embarassed by someone on Facebook before they got University Avenue between Main Street and Campus Street fixed, and the drunks every weekend, I agree.

@ND3JR Ha! Yeah, I guess it would probably be different spending so much time there. I rarely left the dorm.

I lived in Bartlett Hall at UNI for 3 of my 5 years there, but also lived in apartments in Cedar Falls after that. In fact my last year I was biking up and down College Street to get between my apartment and campus.

That's not where I encountered bike-hostile drivers, though. Those were on 1st Street and University Avenue. Passers-by yelled at me from their cars even though I was on the bike path, not the road. "Iowa's Most Bike-friendly City" my ass!

@ND3JR Sorry for your experience man. That sucks when people yell. I've never biked much, but people would yell "Fat Ass' at me when I've been out walking (trying to better myself).

I was at Rider Hall.

@lindner Hi Paul, nice to meet you. No! I hadn't seen that. Sounds like a super-cool project. I'll have to keep an eye on it!

@ron_houk welcome! That sounds really cool, and a great application of tech!

@gabe Thank you. I'm pretty psyched about it. My biggest problem to overcome is my introverted-ness vs. the need to work with other groups/people in the community. :)

@ron_houk I feel you, and I'm sure that's a struggle for a lot (most?) of developers. I've found it's fine once you're actually doing it, but beforehand it can be pretty nervousness-inducing or at the very least it conflicts with my desire to never leave the house.

But, I never regret it afterward.

@edsu Hi Ed. Good to see you too. Lots of neat ideas on the signup page. I just had to see it for myself. :)

@ron_houk My college has a digital archive of all papers and speeches, etc. It’s quite interesting.

@aldersprig Cool. It's great to see what one can discover in archives. Neat stuff always seems to pop up.

This is a late reply, but if you haven't read it yet, you may want to check out the complete guide to Personal Digital Archiving, released this year. It has accounts of setting up community archiving services.

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