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Reading this article from Transformation about the tension in the left between economic versus identity issues, it seems clear to me that the real struggle is for human dignity and worth in all dimensions of being. We need to replace oppressive structures of all kinds with more equitable systems, attitudes, and practices. Pitting economic justice against racial justice is a false dichotomy. All upholds human dignity.

"Lefter than thou" may mimic the interactions characteristic of them folks over there on the right. No one will benefit from the proliferation of such communications, IMHO. ♥

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Happy Monday! Took the past few days off most of my online activities to enjoy a weekend trip with my hubby. :) Hadn't spent much time in WA before - such a wonderful place! Reminds me of Austin back in the early 90s, crossed with a dash of Half Moon Bay and several Hiyao Miyazaki settings. Anyone here live or work in County? How do you like it?

I just discovered this "Bank of the Commons" thing and I have to say it definitely picked my interest... Anyone here knows more about them? Are they reliable? Where are they located? Under which law do they operate?

@Canvasian @rmjpearson There are currently 4 clubs up and running (Minneapolis, Vermont, Boston, and Detroit), but a bunch in formation. We have a conference call the first Friday of each month for both info sharing between existing clubs, as well as for mentoring new clubs...

Savvy Cooperative is a health research cooperative that aims to connect members with health researchers to help improve healthcare. The more of us that sign up, the more attractive our cooperative will be to researchers who are looking for health consumers and patients for research purposes! Spread the word :)

no posts in fediverse timeline from outside our instance in last 8 hours? That can't be right...

I'm always baffled by the strong reactions of people to : the most popular argument goes like "we don't want to subsidize the lazy". Which is a terrible and revealing assumption: not only it show how much people are enslaved by the myth, but it also sheds a light on how we, as a society, have lost the ability to shape our own lives without the alienating routine of work.

We generally assume the sentece "I live in a democracy" is mostly true in western countries. But if people took a hard look at the number of waking hours they spend at work, they may come to the realization that actually they're spending half (or more) of their lives under a dictatorship, where all they are allowed to do is obeying the rules and doing menial tasks.

Tesla could have handled this better if it were a (it wouldn't have gotten this far without changes I think), but I think this is the best response I have ever seen from a CEO to claims like this, and it's leaps and bounds better than his initial reaction, which was to dismiss that it was even happening

Principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth outlines the vision of a new political economy, in which democratically owned enterprises, like co-ops, play a central role.

Hi fellow social coop enthusiasts! So excited to be here with you all. Looking forward to finding connections here, specifically for and protecting the . I'm zealously seeking ways to promote shared ownership and distributed governance. I believe in the power of human-oriented technology to help us find ways to live better together and heal the Earth.