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No, they are not, I don't have a phone camera or a microphone. :-)
I do have an ancient landline Phone with cord, it doesn't even have caller Id, and I have a little Nokia prepaid thingie that I never use, has no camera, can only do calls and sms
oh. I do have microphones. I thought about microphones on the computer, not the phone.

@einebiene But, you know, phones are basically microphones.

hehe, yeah. Somehow my brain didn't click just now and ignored that fact. :-D

But I wonder if you could actually surveil a room with and old phone like mine? It can only store 3 numbers so there is not much space for software there. And I think picking up the receiver and getting a line is part mechanical. Would be be interesting to know.

@einebiene No, actually I was thinking that you'd probably have an old cell phone (not a smartphone), like that Nokia you mentioned, not the old landline. But also, bear in mind that landline calls can be automatically digitized somewhere along the line, I *guess*, so they also could be stored and indexed.

Yeah, I guess my phone calls can be montored on the landline, but I imagine it would be difficult to use it to monitor a room. I guess that would be possible with the Nokia, maybe.
If it is loaded that is. Which is not always the case either, I don't carry it with me usually.