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Event watched by Risabee while hens snooze it out. social.coop/media/okAlhs99MWSw

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@jjg My mom gave hers to my son, so I drove it across the country and delivered to him. 3 Days from JAX to PDX. social.coop/media/1BjrtLvfPf-U

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@jjg First they define you; then they say "any last words?" 😉

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Nazis, US politics, internet freedom

The EFF has come out and said that Google and GoDaddy acted dangerously when they refused service to the Daily Stormer. But if the internet was decentralized and federated, we wouldn't have to worry about huge companies censoring speech and we could still give Nazis the boot.

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Wind turbines are all across the prairie and the mississippi river basin, like a great barrier between East and West. Cool map, enjoy clicking and learning.