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Hey !

I just posted a proposal about adding services other than Mastodon to our , please check it out and share your thoughts! loomio.org/d/5yW7iCsJ/new-soci

@Chattanooga_gov 's municipal broadband network enabled the city to be a tech and start-up hub. via @VentureBeat t.co/b1jvwmIgb4

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Brilliant. How to gently and firmly protect the culture of your group:

"The guest started getting defensive and explaining ... and didn’t mean anything by it. The student replied, 'I’m sure that’s true, but all you need to know is we don’t do that here.' The interaction ended at that point, and everyone moved on to different topics. 'We don’t do that here' was a polite but firm way to educate the newcomer about our culture."


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TFW they remove something that was growing deep in your head (sinus cavity), send it to the lab, and the report comes back "benign." social.coop/media/_aauSuF2kLPq

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@iona Maybe if some folks invite you deeper into their lives and vice versa ... Here is an overview of my last decade:


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I take an interest in Catholic Distributism because it was the ground from which Dorothy Day's and E.F. Schumacher's ideas sprang.


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@lehighcommunalist Sometimes that happens. I had a good day on the Reservoir three days ago, though, just before the first "winter" storm rolled in. I think trout sometimes bite more readily when they feel a low coming.