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Questions raised as to why there is a prevailing whiteness in the workers co-ops movement. One suggestion was that those from black and minority ethnic groups are hesitant to enter a suspiciously white space. A bit of a Catch 22 that needs concerted effort to be overcome. Important to do so though especially given the structural potential for coops to empower.

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Transition Together: An International Symposium on the need for societal transitions and systems level change

Thursday, 21 June, 2018 - 18:00 to Saturday, 23 June, 2018 - 13:00

Speakers: Rob Hopkins, Professor Terry Irwin, Michel Bauwens, John Thackara, Stuart Candy and Cameron Tonkinwise


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Big event here in Madison last night. A rep from the UFCW gave a worker presentation on unionized worker co-ops, and Wisconsin's first unionized co-op signed its articles of incorporation. It's call Common Good Bookkeeping.

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You all want some good advice?

Right now, go find a defense attorney that you can call in case you need one, and then put their number in your phone.

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Platform to be aware of fires near you, to know the number of active fires around the world and to alert when there is a new one
fuegos.comunes.org/fires social.coop/media/anJOdsY99xGI

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Inside The World's Most Radical Experiment in Women’s Rights -
"The most radical experiment in women’s rights is now underway in what may be the world’s least likely place: northern Syria" defenseone.com/ideas/2018/02/i

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Seeking examples of with dispersed work-forces.

There's a company I'm talking to the owners of w/ ca. 25 employees, each of whom works from home. Sounds challenging for developing strong governance, solidarity, trust, etc., so any peer-ish role models to point to would be helpful.

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The problem with converting normal businesses to worker co-ops is that the current owners have to go along with the idea....or do they?



A friend and I were musing over road numbers on the Detroit ranger district in 2012 (i.e. we were lost) and he looked over at my silverfish-lacy Willamette NF map and said, "I can't believe you're using the 1984 edition." Oh, well, huh. New one now; I'm all set to meet the future.


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Please join me in celebrating Dr. @Gin!

After two short years of crazy intense work, she has successfully defended a PhD at the Institute of Education (UCL, London)

I'm sure this credential from the old guard will come in handy while she's revolutionising with to ensure free and open access to knowledge for all 😉

Check out the project at haha.academy/