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Risabee :evergreen_tree: @risabee

A long-standing avatar from various sites, which I may reinstate after I age out of the current selfie. She faces left or right according to whatever layout she encounters.

By Francesco del Cossa ca. 1450. Muse of sacred songs and agriculture. (colors brightened and image reversed for this icon).


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@maloki That was bound to happen. Please take care of yourself.

Shapes of Exchange in the Solidarity Economy is just one of many short films you can view as part of Solidarity NYC's Portraits of the Solidarity Economy video series.


I hadn't realized how much I'd gotten used to the idea of being harassed on the web because 'hands off' policies from inaccessible site admins were so common.

Being here on masto really made me think about how much the web-based cruelty I had come to think of as """"""normal""""" was in fact unnecessary.

Culture matters, in a visceral way.

Don't feel bad; I haunt archive.org for old releases of Bach and Mozart.

@aprrrl I rose from the grave in 1999 and every year since, depending on who I was talking to. 😀 social.coop/media/MvWBTzqe20c6

But back on topic: think through your politics, if you're going to engage, and try not to make your stance simply whatever is most pleasant or socially acceptable to believe in your community. Stand out if you must and be someone who speaks to your community about what is important. It's not about being left of left of left of left to have the most Radical Points. It's about reaching conclusions you think are actually beneficial to all people and will, when acted upon, bring Justice and peace

"...how Loomio, inspired by the general assemblies of Occupy Wall Street, strives to amplify collaborative power and foster more participatory democratic practice."

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@Inuyachty Come over, we're gonna be 101F tomorrow ... 😅