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Just heard that the newest investment club officially launched this weekend in with 7 founding members and $625/month in investments!

Their FB page: facebook.com/COSolidarityFund/

That makes for 4 clubs now officially up and running; the other three are , , and .

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La segunda cooperativa mexicana se ha unido a : @Chupamirtobeer

Chequen su perfil que tienen un evento en septiembre para que conozcan sus cervezas.


The second Mexican cooperative has joined : @Chupamirtobeer

Check out their profile, it has an event to taste their beer.

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The part about 'what are you willing to sacrifice' rings so true. 'Success', 'recognition', 'fame', vs doing the right thing will always be at odds. Believing you can take fundamentally moral choices and airbrush, cover up, box-off, manage, fix with markets, or solve with technology & ingenuity alone is the crux of America's spiritual and socio-political-economic descent. You could not merely elect, invent, or think the New Deal into reality. It took sacrifice, up to and including some lives.

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Leftists need to get behind and spread the word about the cooperative movement/solidarity economy/whatever else they're calling it these days. Worker's coops, community land trusts, etc

In particular because my hyperconservative dad just spent 10 minutes gushing about his utility coop, and when jokingly asked whether that's socialism just brushed it off. Even though, yeah, that's literally #socialism

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Most Mastodon servers are operated by people like you, out of their pocket. Check if your server has a Patreon! It's usually on the "About this instance" link, where the rules are. Support your admins, especially if they're not me!

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Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with @t4techNYC@twitter.com and @thisismetis@twitter.com


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A brilliant fellow named John Evans I met at Open Coop 2018 has a new article about his app Wobbly that will seek to help workers, such as food delivery platform couriers, to organize.

"...a communication and coordination tool, with structures and processes modeled on the IWW’s organising style (hence the name, coming from the IWW nickname)."

"Wobbly differs from other chat applications by building federated organisation in from the start."


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"Google confirms it tracks users even when location history setting is disabled"

Crappy source, but important news. Without free software, legible, modifiable, and distributable by and for everyone, this will inevitably happen under the present political economic system.


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What's the story behind the growth of ? Media, activism, and government support are a few factors named by E.D. : nonprofitquarterly.org/2018/08

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“People come all the way from Zinder [Niger’s second largest city] to buy it,” said Husseina Ibrahim, a busy mother, next to a pot of boiling gao bark. “I’m the only one who makes this here. It’s great for me, it earns me a bit of money which I pay into the women’s cooperative.”

Of farmers and their families taking matter in their own hands, cooperatively restoring millions of acres of African land.


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Good and bad places to be gay... AKA where you can be executed for being in bed with the wrong person.

It's a surprisingly long list.


Bonus news: in Chechnya you can be abducted and tortured in a concentration camp for appearing to be gay.

HT @SarahJamieLewis@twitter.com

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Some interesting stats: 70% of new worker co-ops are start-ups and only 14% of those are incubated by co-op developers.

What the other 86% of new worker co-ops need, imho, is for DAWN to greatly expand their activities, i.e. what we need more of is peer advising.

"Cooperative work structures promote ecologically sustainable farming and create sustainable livelihoods for farmworkers and their communities. Here's a general blueprint for starting a worker-owned cooperative farm" shareable.net/blog/how-to-star social.coop/media/SBFCnl5mdWm5

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"People have to be given the taste for savagery. Fascism does this by building up the sense of threat from a despised out-group"


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TFW you read about societies that existed 10k years ago and you find things like:

- "no obvious public buildings" (ie. no centralised power or religion)
- "Households looked to their neighbors for help, trade, and possible marriage for their children" (ie. mutualism)
- "(...) we see that men and women had the same social status" (ie. no patriarchy)

All stuff that liberals decry as "impossible" or "utopian" in the XXI century...


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"The number of physicians in the United States grew 150% between 1975 and 2010, roughly in keeping with population growth, while the number of healthcare administrators increased 3,200 % for the same time period.

Yes, that's 3,200% in 35 years, a statistic derived by Physicians for a National Health Program using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the United States Census Bureau's Current Population Survey."


Apple slices going into the dehydrator. Yes, it's a funky one, but it works.

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Key points from "Demise of the Nation State" Show more