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Activists + anarchists + other caring folks occupying ICE office loading dock in NYC.

Come out if you can - 201 Varick Street in Manhattan - any time, any day

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The Broken Spoke bike coop in Oxford is fundraising to move to a new home - send some solidarity their way if you can spare anything!

They do DIY workshops, mechanics courses, cycle training, events for underrepresented groups, and lots more great stuff.


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In summer, Himalaya berry canes grow huge here, and form a cooling privacy screen for the hut. Thus is Bodhidharma's whitewashed wall transformed into a wall of greenery. social.coop/media/g9um-qGSpMpM social.coop/media/Ga4JZxcitv37 social.coop/media/81syvCyo_TuR

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Join the call for (US) national mobilization against ICE & children in concentration camps on June 30.

Thank you NDWA!

Dyeing the donated cloth for the black kesa. Far more than you would want to know about what's going on here is in this linked PDF: mnzencenter.org/pdf/tomoe_sewi

social.coop/media/vJrTTNs9By95 social.coop/media/LCT_24QhniQJ

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Bookmark: Silencing Science - Risks Posed to Climate and Energy Data from Political Interference americanprogress.org/events/20 a video recording of a Center for American Progress event

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An open letter to the owners of the @denverpost about the future of the paper, from @rmeocenter:

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Here's a short prezi I made on Platcap vs Platcoop for a talk at our Platform Cooperativism Japan group. prezi.com/pn86xqoveddr/?utm_ca

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Food, Co-ops, Capitalism

Food First's Eric Holt-Giménez writes about the history of co-ops and the role they can play in radical social change.


@kara Weren't we on the same side in some online row once upon a time? ⚧

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‘Why can’t it be a co-op?’ It’s time to advocate for large-scale mutualisation

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The coop should enable donating to translators.

There's interesting stuff in YouTube without English subtitles. I could give 5-15 $ for crowdfunding English subtitles to many documentaries.

People are already doing subtitles voluntarily, and we used to pay to rent VHS tapes.

By mentioning the coop in the end of the subtitles, every video would also work as promotion.

I could do subtitles to Finnish public media documentaries for free.

Encouraging and enabling contribution to commons.