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Holy crap I just learned makes awesome open source resources, eg games to mess with power dynamics in groups 🥰

tip: I use a variation of the technique, but instead of a timer I have a playlist that forces me to take a short dance break every 20 minutes.

London is about to lock down again.
are sending the UK govt for a time-out! 12 autonomous demo sites to completely blockade Westminster for 2 weeks. Maybe this will flick the switch on emergency action for climate justice?

new additions to this directory of small group peer-support methods:

do you have other methods to add? techniques for coaching circles or the like?

I think humans are made for God the way humans are made for language. You kinda get to choose which one you use. But you can't fully get rid of the one you were raised with.

Here's a weird interview that covers the period between my religious childhood and my upcoming time as open source cult leader:

I suspect a good neighbourhood is better than any commune.

I'm in Catalunya noticing that Europe is much more interesting at the edges, compared to the nodes.

"An idea that resists, opposes or confronts another idea is really the same idea, they're just entangled by relations of negation." Bayo Akomolafe talks to about The Insurgency of the Invisible

I'm appreciating's extremely clear communication about self organising teams+orgs. He's uniquely talented at defining and using mental models without getting lost in abstraction.

I'm collecting conversational set menus for enriching community, for . These olde timey examples are gold:

“The Neighborhood Benefit Society and Franklin’s Junto (Leather Apron Club)” by Sita Magnuson

A serious investigation of how blanket forts can give rise to community, by Sita Magnuson

New blog: using "conditional commitment" to kickstart civil disobedience.

here is a thread with some exploratory thoughts about ...

I believe the best org structure is a local bespoke design

global abstractions are intoxicating and sense-killing

e.g. see how badly people implement princples and miss the point by miles

Hivemind: help me find software to enable a conditional commitment debt strike

e.g. "I pledge to stop paying my student loan if X others also pledge by Y date"

I know Pledgebank, Beckton, and Who's In (links in thread). Are there others?

pls tag folks who might know :)

if you want to be reminded that decentralised movements and digital tech can indeed reinvent democracy and find unity beneath controversy, I hugely recommend this interview with

I ❤️ right now!

From this one poll I quickly learned: yes, folks from are keen for a European gathering; recruited organisers, helpers and participants; and found the preferred time of year. Gosh so easy!

Right question, right time, right tool.

Stumbled onto a super today: "in 2 min or less, tell me about a decision you made, that turned out to be extremely good or extremely bad."

I learned a LOT about the people in my meeting in almost no time at all.

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