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Mutual aid coop for "freelancers and small businesses who want to help public servants develop the right tools, right skills and right culture to deliver excellent services in the digital age..."


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Just published:

Congregation: How To

8 Design Patterns for a Transformative Event

Sharing lessons from our experience hosting the @Enspiral retreat recently.

I transcribed a conversation about from the recent camp.

Hot take: Scuttlebutt is the best digital place for juicy conversations about microsolidarity.

🔈 Here's another recorded & annotated conversation. This one is from the recent gathering of the @Enspiral congregation.

We talked about practical methods for starting & running crews.

Audio & links here:

Maybe 'the world is getting more complex' or maybe the old certain simplicities are losing credibility as the outliers get smartphones.

I had a conversation with some colleagues at about some of the research questions invited by

these days the overton window is more like a gaping tear in the fabric of consensus reality flapping in the breeze of despair and wishful thinking

On April 15 will shut down London, demanding a sane response to the climate crisis, guided by citizen assemblies.

If you support this plan, you need to know about - the world's most advanced citizen participation process.


I want to apologise for my part in creating the millennial social justice startup meme called 'Trust Us, We Don't Have a Business Model'

What might happen if you have all those thoughts you're not allowed to have?

^ before this question I was a fundamentalist Christian. Your results may vary.

Don't let your sticktoitiveness turn into puttingupwithitivity.

hey my favourite memetic tribe that you probably don't know about is . it's optimistic, fun, practical and basically uncontaminated by most other memetic tribes. they're mostly hanging out on

Do you know plan to shut down on and keep it shut down until the government meets their demands for an immediate, sane and citizen-driven response to the ecological crisis?

FWIW I believe they will be successful.

This is how I talk when all my neurons are limber.

A new about the subtle interactions in groups: the link between status and belonging, the limits of inclusion, good power differences and healthy hierarchies.

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