Oh I saw a moray eel today and definitely snakes are cuter


is a much more generative polarity for political organising than just about any other contender. Eg:

cops/no cops

if you really knew me you'd know that the anticipation of posting this tweet gave me enough motivation to exercise consistently for two weeks

please give me enough likes to get me thru to August

so far the best thing about being a migrant is it is 5x easier to make money and there's no social pressure for me to be 'normal'

worst thing is I have not had a satisfying party since I left home because my idea of a party is 80 of my closest friends packed into my kitchen

I can't believe it @LombardoNati@twitter.com taught me how to sew and I made my own goddamn shirt! Out of a bedsheet!

Sewing machine is my favourite machine now, it's the locomotive of the home.

Can recommend, 10/10 would sew again, A+++ activity. FML I want to be a seamstress.

Gift economy sounds a lot better than status economy huh

this is a cool band that knows everything about the tones and rhythms that make me feel good


I've worked out a new political ideology called everyone sucks apart from me and my 7 comrades actually 2 of them are also kinda dicks

if you think 2020 is bad you are not going to believe 2030

constantly surprising how many people don't know that they're longing for 1) meaningful work and 2) a community to belong to

a satisfying life doesn't need much more than that

maybe we shoulda been taught that in schools?

🚨 Boring useful fact

If like me, you use Google Calendar and have been infuriated by the recent change to automatically attach their cursed videocall platform whenever you send a calendar invite... Fear not!

You can switch that off in Settings > General > Event Settings

What local treasures did you discover in your neighbourhood because of the lockdown?

I found a wild 50 acre abandoned farm slash park thing that is excellent for nature walks just 5 min from my house in a direction I hadn't explored.

We don't know how lucky we are. Remember the days when u were wishing for a communications network that could amplify yr most immature & reactive tendencies, with the potential to reach millions of people? And now we even get malicious state actors and AI manipulating it for us!

Captivated by this essay from brother @taptiklis@twitter.com:

"we possess a rich repertoire of bodily capabilities for making sense of and relating with sensitivity to the world around us: yet our educational & social practices suppress most of these capabilities"

Daydreaming about wearing a silky partygarment, tripping on acid, prancing around like a queen or a mystic, with a couple hundred friends at a mini music festival with a river.

Feeling sad for all the kids these days taking psychedelics who don't know about psychedelic rock. 😔

Imagine if we could just be accountable to specific people we are in relationship with, and let go of the judgements we imagine are directed at us by an anonymous crowd or omniscient deity.

I would like to salute the perseverance and enthusiasm of my neighbour who is learning to play trumpet. You're doing great!

What's your favourite weird corner of YouTube?

I watch people woodworking, building boats, and organising workspaces. So blue-collar voyeurism I guess.

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