Update for those following the conversation: @enspiral@twitter.com folks have been experimenting with small peer support groups called "pods" or "crews".

This guide for how to run a great pod has just been updated with a lot of very useful info:


This is an amazing avant garde documentary that says more about Mark Zuckerberg than anything else I've seen about him.


If you're in next week go to this: radicalxchangeberlin.splashtha

@audreyt@twitter.com and @VitalikButerin@twitter.com are both speaking. Bring a hat in case your brain explodes.

I dreamed my way a few years after we started the Drinkable Urban Rivers program and it was really nice.

Imagine if we worked out how to put our innovation energy towards meaningful problems instead of all the nonsense startup land gives us.

I told an internet marketer to "fuck off" and then we got into a nice conversation about feelings.

I'm imagining a political compass/flowchart thing that starts from "what should you do when you're triggered?"

Thinking aloud in this thread...

I call myself a "conservative anarchist" mostly because it disrupts your automatic pattern recognition system.

I'll try to disagree with you like that little piece of grit disagrees with the oyster

If you need to charge your laptop in a hurry, tip it to the side so the electrons flow faster.

I know I'm ahead of my time or whatever but I'm really looking forward to the straight male feminism that's loud and demanding and emotional and courageous and erotic and flamboyant and voluptuous and confrontational.

Why is it called a bottom when it's only halfway down? 🍑

I got a cute new profile photo. It's like the world's smallest episode of @QueerEye@twitter.com

Broke: I lost my train of thought

Woke: my train of thought is passing through a tunnel of unknown length 🚂

Sleeping me invented a new kind of porn which is just about getting off while rearranging all the parts of a complex toolbox back into the right places.

Also maybe the box was really dirty but you clean it.

Why is tabasco the most ubiquitous hot sauce even though it sucks. 💃

Most people don't share your most important beliefs and values e.g. about power, progress and freedom.


How do you explain this for yourself? Is your answer close to one of these options?

I'm thinking most of us were trained by adult supremacy before we encountered male supremacy or white supremacy.

This structure of oppression is common to almost everyone, but it barely makes a ripple in intersectional discourse.

What gives?

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