Talking with about accountability in

Love this article from about promises and consequences in a self-organising context.

Wow catching up with 7 years after we discovered online conversations are much better with rules roles and purpose.

Maybe in 7 more years they'll discover that the business model decides whether or not your platform is a force for positive social change.

Police are ready with the 4x4 to try winching out the truck stage at Marble Arch

Police roll in 2 minutes after takes the stage at . Peace continues.

Ppl say we need a 'WWII scale mobilisation' to survive .

I think the job is more on the scale of cathedral building, a 100s-of-years-long construction project motivated by our highest values.

So we need new stories as big as God.

There are infinite ways to play . If they are rocks, and yer playing, that's !

ppl in :

we're hosting 2 new training workshops next month for ppl in decentralised teams.

On April 3rd we are looking at decision-making, especially some of the "post consensus" protocols like consent and advice process. Then on the 6th we explore communication and conflict.



Before I die I plan to see some of these 1000 year old monuments reconsecrated for nonsectarian mutual aid societies.

Yesterday 2 different people asked to photograph me. Maybe Italy wants me to be a model?

Our life is getting small again.

Next stop, Italia 🇮🇹

Stoked to get my hands on this beautiful new book from

Yay humans!

On April 15 will shut down London, demanding a sane response to the climate crisis, guided by citizen assemblies.

If you support this plan, you need to know about - the world's most advanced citizen participation process.


Wow, love this "protocol stack" for effective communication from at


In 2019 I'm leaving behind orthodoxy. Antiorthodoxy too. Opening to heresy.

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