I call myself a "conservative anarchist" mostly because it disrupts your automatic pattern recognition system.

If you need to charge your laptop in a hurry, tip it to the side so the electrons flow faster.

I got a cute new profile photo. It's like the world's smallest episode of @QueerEye@twitter.com

Sleeping me invented a new kind of porn which is just about getting off while rearranging all the parts of a complex toolbox back into the right places.

Also maybe the box was really dirty but you clean it.

Heck this is nice from the one and only @taptiklis@twitter.com -- how lucky am I to have a brother-from-another-mother like this!

I've been overwhelmed with email from interesting strangers for ~3 yrs.

Testing new strategy today: removed my address from all public sites. Updated my website so you can call me free if you'll publish the convo, otherwise you pay.

What you think?


Super inspired by the possibilities, what can happen when money and values are aligned. /thread

tip: I use a variation of the technique, but instead of a timer I have a playlist that forces me to take a short dance break every 20 minutes.

London is about to lock down again.
are sending the UK govt for a time-out! 12 autonomous demo sites to completely blockade Westminster for 2 weeks. Maybe this will flick the switch on emergency action for climate justice?


Hivemind: help me find software to enable a conditional commitment debt strike

e.g. "I pledge to stop paying my student loan if X others also pledge by Y date"

I know Pledgebank, Beckton, and Who's In (links in thread). Are there others?

pls tag folks who might know :)

I ❤️@loomio@twitter.com right now!

From this one poll I quickly learned: yes, folks from @enspiral@twitter.com are keen for a European gathering; recruited organisers, helpers and participants; and found the preferred time of year. Gosh so easy!

Right question, right time, right tool.

Talking with @lizbarry@twitter.com about accountability in

Love this article from @ManuelKublbock@twitter.com about promises and consequences in a self-organising context.


Wow @facebook@twitter.com catching up with @Loomio@twitter.com 7 years after we discovered online conversations are much better with rules roles and purpose.

Maybe in 7 more years they'll discover that the business model decides whether or not your platform is a force for positive social change.

Police are ready with the 4x4 to try winching out the truck stage at Marble Arch

Police roll in 2 minutes after @GeorgeMonbiot@twitter.com takes the stage at . Peace continues.

Ppl say we need a 'WWII scale mobilisation' to survive .

I think the job is more on the scale of cathedral building, a 100s-of-years-long construction project motivated by our highest values.

So we need new stories as big as God.

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