Couple seats left for Microsolidarity Practice Week starting next Monday πŸ’ͺ

5 days to learn and practice relational methods for peer-to-peer support in organisations, communities and networks

Timezone suits people in Asia/NZ/AU/EU, not the US

If you would like to feel more wholesome and self righteous simply refer to your breakfast as "morning practice".

I've been tuning my timeline for months and today I can say it is finally perfect

Let's take a second to appreciate this fabulous giant dandelion. Great job πŸ‘

back when heliocentricity was an unspeakable heresy, scholars invented "epicycles", these complicated loops within loops, to justify a geocentric astronomy

it's fun to ask what epicycles are forced upon us by our orthodoxies today

Feeling jazzed to announce the Microsolidarity Practice Week May 11-17

5 days to learn and practice relational methods for peer-to-peer support in organisations, communities and networks

It's brand new so take a look and ask me Q's here 😻

Jacinda is the new All Blacks and she's leading New Zealand to win the World Cup of Coronavirus and you will not believe the levels of national pride that are coming πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ…

Me and testing out the new security features on

Great improvement! πŸ’ͺ

My super cool friend is a social movement insider and academic.

She just finished the definitive book about the democratic experimentation in Spain: 15-M to Podemos.

I'll share a link in this thread where you can pre-order and get a super cool friend 30% discount.

What changes might this pandemic write on our societies?

Authoritarian nightmare? 😷
Fully automated luxury queer space communism? πŸ†

Join me and at this collective sensemaking event on the 20th and we'll work it out together:

Book now!

Wed: I'm doin a live session w/ looking at how this new platform can be a meeting point for self-organising groups, a digital campfire where microsolidarity crews can meet each other

Important news for nerds of the 90s: there is an open source project called OpenTTD which has a beautiful cross-platform clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Obviously the best computer game in history because you get to make sweet trains.

When and I decided to get married I knew I was gunna get a sweet passport but I had no idea I would also get homemade personal protective equipment!

DIY instructions here:

You're invited to join us for this session I'm hosting with some Stoics next week.

Alongsideness is that moment when you turn your head and notice there are millions of ppl on your team.

Friday April 3rd - 12pm NYC, 6pm Rome, 9am SF


wauwww I already thought these full face snorkel masks were pretty cool and then someone worked out how to use them for hospital ventilators, good job humans!

I have no expertise in all I know how to do is make graphs from available data. So you tell me is New Zealand following Singapore or Italy?

When is it time to properly?

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