Hi fam I'm a cofounder, builder, trainer, and . are my jam. I write at

Delighted to be here 😘

@mattcropp stoked y'all have warmed it up for me!

I've had my not-Facebook energy focussed on lately, not paid much attention elsewhere. Cool to drop in here and see excellent UX and friendly people :)

@gc I reserved my "Rich gazes into the future of decentralised technology with religious awe" avatar exclusively for my first Mastodon account πŸ˜‚

hi @richdecibels,
was wondering when you, or others of the #loomio crew are joining. glad to finaly see you
Saw you're on ssb. Even I have been adviced to join, I somehow still haven't. What I'm a bit sad about is seing the devs and others being much on #twitter. Thought there they reach/engage with mostly just the people they anyway regular engage with.

the fediverse could be refreshing to engage within a new circle of people, and leaving patterns of surveilience capitalism behind.

@richdecibels It has been great to learn how to use Loomio here on -- thanks for your work!

@richdecibels Welcome! Big fan of Loomio, our co-op uses it all the time.

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