Just published my thoughts on today's disaster.

Maybe the climate emergency doesn't need your approval, it just needs your attention.

@richdecibels Hey best case scenario maybe some of the people complaining about protesting the wrong way get motivated to go out and protest the "right" way just to show how it's done. 😀


i have an extremely hot take:

Public transport in London is extremely segregated by class. (At least once I've been in a tube carriage where everyone around me was using a relatively new iPhone). Disrupting the tube is disrupting posh people. Disrupting buses is disrupting working class transport.

All tube trains should be free. They're not really accessible to large numbers of Londoners because of cost.

@richdecibels Massively agree with this, getting people to say "well obviously the climate crisis is an emergency but I am outraged by their methods!" means that the protestors have already won; they've succeeded in getting people to acknowledge the problem, pushed it to the forefront of their minds and made it a pertinent subject of debate where previously the climate crisis has struggled to cut through the media landscape.

@richdecibels That's doesn't mean that I approve of the tube actions, long term they may be a pyrrhic victory that deflates the movement but it's had an undeniable impact. Whatever happens from here, it's been far better than the apathy and inaction of before.

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