I used to think the British "sorry" was an apology for a small error like bumping someone on the train, so I replied "no problem don't worry about it". Then I learned it actually means "sorry we had to interact" and I've been making it worse by offering warmth and forgiveness.

@richdecibels I think it's a London/South thing. In the North, people are friendlier on public transport.

@meena "sorry we had to interact due to this actual or perceived error, and also for burdening you with the emotional labour of processing and responding to my apology"

@carcinopithecus that's a lot

I'll ask all my Canadian friends to confirm this. both of them.

@meena please do not take it too seriously, it is at least 40% in jest

sorry about that

@carcinopithecus i am sorry I took this very seriously and have already asked 50% of my Canadian friends to confirm this

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