In a conversation of n people, fairness dictates you're entitled to talk up to 1/n of the time.

If you (like me) frequently take up more space than that, honestly truly, do you believe, deep down, you actually deserve a bigger share because of the quality of what you're saying?


That's a good general principle I agree with. Would add that there are also some people who enjoy more listening and to avoid sort of silences that might feel very akward for them, it's sometimes good there are others who keep the conversation flowing. Just have to be careful not to use that an excuse to talk in expense of their "talking quota".

@richdecibels Definitely agree with this principle in terms of getting people who like the sound of their own voice to talk less.

However, there's also the fact that in any given group, some people have more domain experience than others.

That shouldn't be used to silence people but not should it be used to force people who are there to 'lurk' into active participation.

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