Ppl say we need a 'WWII scale mobilisation' to survive .

I think the job is more on the scale of cathedral building, a 100s-of-years-long construction project motivated by our highest values.

So we need new stories as big as God.

- we don't have so much time
- they where build under forced labor, thought

@richdecibels building a cathedral is local.
It doesn't matter what people on the other side of the globe do, it won't affect your cathedral. You only need to mobilize people in one place.

OTOH, fighting the climate change requires convincing everyone. A single country which doesn't comply can ruin it for everyone else.

It requires a global consensus.

@richdecibels Or let's put it another way:

It's prisoner's dilemma.

But there are 193 prisoners, and if one of them betrays the others, everyone is fucked.

193 single points of failure.

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