'post-consensus social foam'

heh. is that all you, or does that phrase really have wider currency?

> 'structurelessness becomes a way of masking power'

that's the tl;dr right there

@deejoe haha it is my own coinage, but just a remix of existing language

@richdecibels I like this writing.

However, I find it mildy annoying to see that ”yay just 6 minutes read”, and only at the very end find out that there's part two... That could be said upright at the beginning. :)

lengthy, potentially silly analogy Show more

@richdecibels thanks for articulating this, I always felt 'hierarchy' was some sort of false boogeyman because so many digital p2p/CBPP artefacts don't get produced without hierarchies. people have roles and decisions and commitments have to be made.
ten years ago some researchers of FOSS were calling community structures crypto-hierarchies and the horizontality discourse 'romanticizing'.
it gets complicated (in a lovely messy way) beyond FOSS when groups don't even know what they want to make

@richdecibels hot topic eh? ;p

Good to stir things up though, get people thinking about direct problems (i.e. I feel pressured to do things I don't want to do) instead of abstract ones (i.e. our orga chart is shaped wrong)


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