there's a golden prize for anyone who can do a mashup of doodle and calendly and make scheduling easy for small ad hoc groups

Serious question: if I started a crowdfunding campaign to buy a 40 person retreat centre in France, would you pay €10k to own a 1% share?

Agreement doesn't live in a text it lives in our tummies.

So many groups struggle to understand that there is nowhere near a 1:1 correlation between language and meaning.

This misunderstanding breeds bureaucracy, and hinders conviviality + innovation.

can you identify specific insights or actions that have helped you to be less mean to yourself?

After spending only an hour with the Other Internet Wealth Squad somehow I felt million dollar aspirations sprouting out of me like bristles from my chin.

Radiant squad energy is literally thriving 🔥🔥🔥

if you live in Europe and you want to gamble on crypto prices with me I recommend this platform which lets you copy the strategy of other gamblers I mean investors:

I'm currently backing this strategy:

looks like it's going to be another hot day down in the take mines

Best new podcast for community gardeners with a metamodern / solarpunk / neotribal orientation:

gm mutuals 👋 gm TL 👋 gm little voice in my head who hates me 👋

How do we do systems change in highly polarised times?

I honestly don't know but I think there should be dancing.

Here's a micro documentary about the work I've been doing with and this year:

Just published: how to reason about the risk of hosting a gathering in the middle of a pandemic.

crowdfunding request: please fund this social coordination technology for a thriving planet

I know the ppl behind this project and it has my strongest endorsement

RT for reach 🥰

If we really are experiencing accelerating change we may have to become our own elders.

If I were 2 or 3 years younger I probably would have been a full time youtuber getting paid to make weird engineering projects like this guy:

when I was doing it in 2010-2012 there was no way to reach a big enough audience rich-decibels-gadgets-blog.has

is there anything more peaceful than a zoom waiting room? 🕊

I work with groups that want to be "teal".

The orange ones are blocked because the path to teal looks green (eww design by committee) and the green ones are blocked because the path looks orange (eww hierarchy).

They start to move when they learn to loosen their identity.

woah! primitivism is a cargo cult in reverse 🤯

Woah imagine if the concept of a 'left/right' political spectrum actually obscured more than it revealed 🤯

Did you ever walk down a street and try to notice all the parts? Like, brick, lamppost, screw, wire... then try to imagine all the processes that got those things there?

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