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i've given it some more thought, and if pokemon avis are ever the bit again im going with the honest choice, bidoof

Someone should do something about the problems

selfie, no ec 

Got this in an iPhoto memory from a few years ago... i miss this length of beard but the sides were too bushy.

Maybe someday i'll figure out how to balance it better but lately ive been pulling on it too much to get that long...


Wild Basin Strawberry Coconut hard Seltzer tastes *exactly* like a strawberry Icee


one mile jog on the sunny beach, then floated on the waves for a few minutes to cool off. v chill vacation workout, im having a nice time

Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks


did part of my run on the beach last night. the slightest bit of moonlight, lightning in the distance. It was quite a vibe. 2.5mi, ~28min.

the best anti-homeless architecture is free houses

tbh the older I get the more I see like, the best way to help people with mental health issues or deal with weird discourse fights or any other stuff

is to just focus on their material conditions and get them safe and healthy and taken care of and support them in real ways

not that emotional stuff doesn't matter n such but like u can do so much more by getting someone out of their shitty parents house then you can by anything else most of the time

doing hot* girl** shit

** administrator

im hosting a dinner party where guests will enjoy a traditional dish of corn and beans, paired with a classic Bad Religion album 

Please join me for Suffer and Succotash

there are some extremely interesting and could be relevant presentations for coming up at the - see

it's not unusual for governates in the various territories of the US to engage in a process whimsically named "Gerrymandering". that means arranging voting areas so politicians funded by oligarchs "win" elections despite having less overall support of the populace #SOSUSA

the first human in space, Yugioh Gargron,

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