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post: it's probably easier to teach a dolphin quantum physics than you

Me (unreasonably angry): then do it you fuck. Get in the ocean and don't come out until some wet, fish-chasing fucker can explain what superposition is

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“The Atlantic writes of reasonable people saying they’re “vaxxed and done,” people who reasonably say “COVID is becoming something like the seasonal flu for most people who keep up with their shots,” as if everyone has the option of shots to keep up with.

I want to scream. If I can scream, for a second? The pandemic is not fucking over, because children under 5 cannot get fucking vaccinated.”

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Now that we have seen what happens when the president of the usa tells people to 'google it' (ie. they end up at a bunch of fraudulent locations), can we all agree to stop using 'google it' as an answer. Search is not authoritative.

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plague, psa, wapol, seattle 

ATTENTION: There are reports of numerous scams posing as COVID-19 testing sites in the Seattle Area.

The locations seem to all be named "Free Covid Testing [Location]", and can be found in places including Seattle proper, Bellevue, Port Orchard, Auburn, University Place, and Lakewood.

Even government sites list them as legitimate. Be careful!

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The existence of a side hustle implies the existence of dorsal and ventral hustles

am i definitely too sick to be useful at the computer today? ehhhh 🤷‍♂️

am i sick enough to use it as an excuse? one hundred and ten percent

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Making silly noises. Boost if you agree.

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Anyone know of any email hosts out there that also host Nextcloud? Should support imap natively.

Thinking about changing up my virtual world again.

Extra credit if theyre a green host; or a non profit or a coop.

Running with Pepper 

Uphill: 12:00-12:30/mi (this is my comfortable pace rn). "Leave it. No Pepper. Leave it. Let's go. Leave it buddy"

Flat: ~10:00/mi. Zippy but doable. We're having a nice time jogging together

Downhill: ~8:30-9:30/mi. Pepper is in charge. Let's fuckin' GOOOO

anyway i'm gonna take pepper for a run now. that's my W for today.

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Kazakhstan pol, crypto 

I can't believe cryptocurrency mining contributed to the crisis in Kazakhstan, what the hell

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In Iowa city, Chomp, a food delivery app owned as a cooperative has outcompeted the tech giants.

It provides an exciting model for restaurants to bounce back from the pandemic, with six cities across the US seeking to replicate their success.

This is the first issue of a weekly newsletter about cooperative success stories and ideas about the future of the movement.

mh - 

y'all i've been trying real hard not to post "i'm tired and sad" for a while now

but also i'm fuckin' always tired, and usually sad

these FLIPPIN stinkbugs are all over my nerves

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Zine search, please boost :boost_ok: 

Looking for this zine "breaking free of gender through friendship and attack" from France, originally from

roughly twenty minutes ago, i opened this tab to post a gripe about getting distracted. then uh, well, 🙃

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"Our culture teaches us to focus on personal uniqueness, but at a deeper level we barely exist as individual organisms"

We're hardwired for socialization. When alone, we hallucinate people.

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