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oh and! on my run i saw that the recent rains caused another shoreline tree to fall into the lake. i didn't take a picture of it, but a few minutes later i came up with the perfect caption:

"new habitat just dropped"

lmao, posting "good morning" at 12:30 pm, nice one champ

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Thin Blue Line but it's the one that indicates a baby's diaper is wet

good morning folks. my kids are still sick - both now have negative covid tests, buuut still coughs/fever - AND email & slack won't calm down long enough to let me go for a run, so i'm at the kitchen table in sweatpants, typing furiously and begging for mercy

food (treat!) 

Publix has this vanilla peppermint ice cream and it's good as hell

The 5 S's of infant soothing:
- Sucking
- Swinging
- Swaddling
- Shooshing
- Star Trek: The Next Generation

android app question, boosts πŸ‘ 

Anyone have suggestions for a text editor for android? Main use case is editing my vimwiki files when I'm not near a computer. (markdown syntax, and I don't really mind not having the vim shortcuts, but termux/vim is one possibility I guess? If I can figure that out.)

thinking about the tunnels of blood underneath every golf course

β€œHow to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell … I went in for something laidback and maybe even parodical but the book opened with a full frontal assault on what the author calls the attention economy and it gripped me in a way that no book has in years now. The book speaks about our present notions of productivity and its place in our life as well as the quantification of all of our waking moments, including our leisure.”

The American Bumblebee Has Vanished From Eight States

"States with the most significant dip in bee numbers have the largest increase in the use of pesticides like neonicotinoids, insecticides, and fungicides"

video games but it's tabletop games 

One of the weekend publisher sales on Steam rn is for Asmodee digital, who focus on ports of tabletop games. Even though there are solid versions on Tabletop Simulator, I picked up their Scythe and Terraforming Mars adaptations. Scythe has some opaque UI choices but the AIs are decent; haven't played their Terraforming Mars yet. Anyway if anyone wants to play something slower than Samurai Gunn 2 but with cooler pictures than chess, there's some board games

twitter requiring accounts to view tweets feels like a 2 for 1 deal for me. i don't have to have a twitter account and i don't have to see posts on that website

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