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Hmm yes nice workers of the world

It'd be a shame if someone

United them

tx pol / possible implications for instances running there 

reading the text, some questions I come away with:

1) The rules are specified for platforms that are publicly open. Would federation be considered open? Or is it registration on just your instance?
2) Depending on (1) would the 50 million user threshold come into affect if the fediverse hit 50 million or again is that single instance?
3) Do instances with TX users need to follow the disclosure, appeal, and notification requirements?

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tx pol / possible implications for instances running there 

This law is weird. It might make it a crime to defederate from instances or block people on a platform level for ideological reasons if your server is hosted in Texas.

I hope maybe a fedi legal person can look into this a bit. If your server is in Texas this could be something to keep an eye on.

F-22s grounded, B-52 bomber crews off the job after vaccine mandates!
All it takes to destroy the military-industrial complex is asking US 'fine troops' to follow basic health measures!
Next have ass-washing mandates and we'll have World Peace and the end of imperialism!!!

whoooo there's a new Bela Fleck album out with a bunch of great guests on it.

ok. Time to do something productive... Maybe

drug joke 

oh, but you see officer, this is my emotional support cocaine

thinking about getting heavy into Loggins & Messina

I'm going to lounge on the couch with my coffee and the "cozy afternoon" playlist for a while and then see if I can't scrape together some get-up-and-go.

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I've had a pretty crap morning. I don't wanna give up on today but woof, I'm tempted to just write the whole thing off already.

Hope y'all are doing better than all that.

fedi tech support req 

Does anyone on here have experience migrating a signal account from an iphone to Android? It's now nine days since I contacted official support but no response πŸ˜”

I almost forgot it's #VerseThursday !

Amy Lowell again, just like last week, because I love her sensual (in the fullest sense) poetry

starting a co-op; seeking guidance 

I and a few others around here are starting a software cooperative!

We (think we) generally have a handle on things but there are a few decisions and details we'd love to have some guidance on. I know there are plenty of folks around here who might have advice but I didn't want to impose on any of you. Sooo please reply or DM if you have the time/energy to answer a few questions?

Any streaming veterans on this here site, familiar with the ways of OBS, who would be willing to help a collective of co-op advocates figure out how to do this streaming thing?

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