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someone either tell me why i just answered a work slack message with both a screenshot and line-number references to code at quarter of 11 with a buzz on, or just come by and slap some sense into me for a sec

The moon is lookin extra fine tonight from my house

@Aleums mmlmbmmlmbmmlmbam (my Marxist Leninist Maoist brother, my men-loving-men brother, my multi level marketing brother and me)

i would like to finish my workday listening to some music that is rambunctious, can someone give me a quick recommendation?

getting a steam deck + bluetooth keyboard and writing it off as a replacement for my laptop

It is entirely too nice outside for anything except partying, let's cancel our meetings, grab the cooler and Bluetooth speaker, and go play cornhole

introducing python4 it has a third quoation type โ›โœ and the print function is now backwards: tnirp(โ›hello worldโœ) please update your packages before 2054

now i'm back at the desk but my motivation to do any more client stuff today is... less than zero

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i snuck away from my desk for an hour to take the kids swimming in our neighbors' pool, it was great

public transport opinion 

Okay self-driving cars seem like a really good idea, but I don't think they're ready to use on the open roads yet. I'd suggest keeping them on a fixed route where no other vehicles can go to minimize risk of collision.
We should probably have fixed places where people can get on and off. The cars come in, open their doors, let people enter and exit, and then continue on their journey.
Speaking of which, we should probably also make them larger to increase efficiency and again, to minimize risk of accidents.
We could even couple several of them together into one combined vehicle.
And since they're only going on a fixed route anyway, it makes more sense to use steel wheels on steel rails instead of rubber on asphalt.
I know it's an outlandish concept, but I'm convinced it might work really well if we ever get to try it out on a large scale

SC Tech Working Group meeting today - 1930 UTC 

It's time again for a tech working group meeting! Today at 1930 UTC. All are welcome to join - bring questions, ideas, or a burning desire to contribute.

Agenda is here, but I'm pretty sure I've forgotten one of the new business items I'd meant to add. So if you notice something missing, please add it.

Call link is inside the agenda doc. See y'all in a little while!

this is the first time weโ€™ve actually seen the bears display an interest in the chickens and/or their foodโ€ฆ not great lol

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police, white supremacy, philosophy 

In "The Avant-Garde of White Supremacy," Steve Martinot & Jared Sexton argue that through impunity & spectacular violence, "the police become a law onto themselves." This, in turn infects all governmental structures which, "act in accordance with the paradigm of policing--wanton violence legitimised by strict conformity to procedural regulations" (171).

got my brain in a loop where i whistle the little intro stinger from pac-man, and when itโ€™s done i start quietly saying โ€œwaka-waka-waka-wakaโ€

i shake my head at the goofiness and stop, but a minute later i do it again

do yโ€™all think i can fix this with a reboot or do i need to reset to factory defaults?

im so hopelessly internet-addled that i just tried to thumbs-up a headline on a news site. fuck.

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