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beautiful date 

Month: 7
Day: 14
Year: 21
Week: 28
(my brother just pointed this out to me)

Going back to the dawn of creation and killing Adam with a gun 

First person shooter

running / fitness / weight 

also, over the weekend i gave some serious consideration to the idea that my running will improve faster if i focus more on shedding all the weight i put on since last march - this probably means bringing back some strength training rather than focusing solely on my running mileage

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took friday off as a rest day, then did a ton of garden work over the weekend and took monday off bc my legs were too sore from the gardening! still feeling some of that today, but went and did 1.5mi anyway. 19 minutes even, slower than my usual pace but given the state of my hamstrings, 'sall good.

my wife just walked in and asked "are you looking up weird elephants instead of working?" The answer is yes

how old am i?


well, i just got excited by the idea of cleaning and organizing my desk before i go on vacation so that it'll be nice when i get back

Anyway, ice worms, we don't know where they come from or what they eat or how they reproduce and you can only see them under very specific conditions, but there's a billion of them in every glacier

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String Bean slept until 7:30, completely unheard of. So we all got to sleep in a little, and it’s a chill easy morning here

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cursed Historical Jesus speculation, cursed eucharistic theology 

What if the tomb was empty because his followers ate him

at some point in the early design phase of Ori and the Will of the Wisps there was a post-it that said "Give Ori a SWORD" and, well, yeah

had some friends over for a cookout and i grinned so much my cheeks are sore. i missed being around people, man

β€œWanna see the Fifteen Dumptruck Dance?” #sproutburst


i guess i'm going to hate wireframing until i spend more time doing this kind of design/planning work. this isn't in my comfort zone though.

So I actually didn't know this but it turns out that Bezos actually does work ten thousand times harder than your average employee - his secret? Cloning. There are thousands of Bezi already, and dozens more every day. "Rise and grind," he says, as another Bezos rises from the amorphous sludge of the cloning vat. "Rise and grind."

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