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@redoak my dad purchased our last name dot us when we first moved to the states. it has gsuite on it and all of the family's email addresses. there used to be a family homepage with photos and such but various social networks and other services obseleted that. i have my lastname dot me for my personal website

@redoak Yes. Limited to immediate family. It was a way to provide the tweens docs and email that we could have some administrative control. As they got older, they just went directly to those companies and made accounts. Anyway, I maintain the domain for email and docs in a lame effort to reduce how much we are dominated by the decisions of unaccountable amoral corporations, business execs, and immature tech nerds. :/

I have plans to provide other services, but they seem to always remain plans.

@redoak I do! I registered the domain name to be a help to tech-illiterate relatives. I wanted to be able to supply them with email addresses that would be an attractive alternative to the privacy-invading email services so many people use. It’s seen some use, but not as much as I had hoped. Isn’t that always the way?

@redoak sort-of: I have a domain for my own personal use, but I'm running an xmpp server with it and most of my relatives have an account and use it to talk with me (and sadly afaik with nobody else)

@redoak I have a domain registered specifically for a Matrix/Synapse server that I wrangled a few family members into using (because I will never go back to FB and getting us to agree on one particular other Corp!Service was never happening, so I just built something and said "if you want in, let me know.")

It's not named for us, but I registered it for family purposes, if that counts.

dang, i wanna be in a band. i wanna play loud guitars with some other dads

does there exist a calculator that runs a python shell and has basic math and graphing libraries? I think that would make a pretty cool and fun graphing calculator platform.

God i can't wait to establish one of the first human civilizations #hotgirlsumer

do you have a domain name for your family (immediate/extended/found/etc)? if so, what do you use it for, and do other family members use it regularly also?

i just got home from running at the lake. String Bean looks at me and says, "daddy, you got a lot of rain on your shirt" πŸ˜‚

Opinion: 'Landlord' feudal, correctly dated term that helps paint housing hoarders backed by police violence honestly.

reading: Quantifying Technical Debt – by Chelsea Troy 

this is partially about lack of skill, but it’s not about lack of any skill. It’s about the lack of a specific skill (code stewardship) among a group of people who are probably much better at the skill they’re taught and hired for, which is feature development.

this series is one of the best things on software maintenance I've ever read

gonna need one of y'all to come to my house, bop me with a rolled-up newspaper, and very sternly say "no! no new projects! finish one first!"

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a cool thing about this year is that if you fuck up writing the year on a check or something, you can just make it the four-digit year

lord help me, i sat down at the computer with plans but instead i'm looking up silly domain names again

lmao his ears are still like that but now he's poopin

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