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Ongoing American genocide 

Change in life expectancy at birth, by Hispanic origin and race and sex: United States, 2019 and 2020*

* Data from the first half of 2020 only. It will get worse

Black men: -3.0 years
Hispanic men: -2.4 years
Black women: -2.3 years
Hispanic women: -1.1 years
White men: -0.8 years
White women: -0.7 years

Source CDC

Bookmarked: Real Co-op Stories Cooperative workers tell their stories, along the way answering questions like: How is the day-to-day in a co-op? How did you get started? How did you find others to start something with? Did you get initial funding? How do you make decisions? How does it compare to non-cooperative work? What challenges have you faced?

one of the things that happens to you when you turn 30 is that you begin to experience a powerful urge to tell people what happens to you when you turn 30

The 'h' in 'software development' stands for 'happiness'.

Pepper is roughly four months old and he now weighs 38 pounds 😯

🎢 When closely aligned lines
Play fun tricks on your eyes
That's a-moiré 🎢


I just published a delightful conversation with @FreeScholar. She shares her experiences with @agaric, cooperativism, free software, and much more.

Listen and/or read here:


there's so much more i could learn and improve as a coder, even without learning any new languages, but it's pretty amazing to look back at how much i've learned in the past 10 years. i hope i have a few more chances in my life to work on something for that long and see that kind of progress.

me 3 months ago: "hell yeah! i'm gonna help you modernize this codebase"

me today, up to my elbows in PHP, discovering a core function is run by exec()'ing to a perl script that functions as essentially a black-box to the rest of the app: "hell. yeah, i'm gonna help you modernize this codebase"

"we know that our current processes make bad decisions, and we were hoping you could help"
"yep, our machine learning system can clear that right up"
"the bad decisions part?"
"the knowing part"

TRAGIC: Area man discovers that the leftovers he intended for lunch, had already been fed to the chickens

handy command line thing 

sometimes you just wanna reopen all the files from the most recent git commit:

vim `git show --pretty="" --name-only HEAD`

yeah no, that's Jim, he's great with computers. I'm the *cis* admin, I manage genders and pronouns for this office and all our remote teams. You haven't submitted your paperwork yet, I'm gonna need it by EOD ok?

wonder if i could get away with just taking a mental health day next week. like, if both my clients and my wife would sign off on me just not doing a bunch of stuff for a day. i could go for a hike and play video games instead? hmmmmmmm

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