im out in the woods with my wife for a getaway while my folks watch the kids. Notta lotta internet out here. Y'all be good!

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Fruit, botany, fungi, gun violence 

Any time people talk about the botanical definition of "berry", odds are good that the person who finds out that cucumbers, hot peppers, and bananas are berries but strawberries and raspberries are not ends up just a hair's width from going full "Tell me the name of god, you seed bearing piece of shit."

@flancian @neil @akshay @nicksellen @datatitian @GiacomoSansoni @idmyn @edsu sorry, but i can't make it tomorrow. If you want to assign tasks for me i'll be able to do them on Tuesday.

@Thomas just waking up in the morning and saying, today im gonna find the tallest shit around, and im gonna stand up there and sing everything i can think of

@Thomas they are so fun, just the most cheerful little things

@edstink if they're old white guys theres like a 60% chance that's "just the kind of gumption we like to see!"

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#fediblock d-fens dot systems, just a wasteland of unmoderated bullshit; the admin follows 11 people and they're all from disreputable instances

Alternate universe right-wing stern-father fedi server dads.cruel

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you say you hate cops, but what are you gonna do when you're in danger and need someone to show up too late and then hide

@erinbee similarly i recall reading *years* ago that Justin Timberlake throws underwear away instead of washing it and wearing it a second time and thinking, this is a person who does not live in the same world as most of us

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This article about making more sustainable clothing choices points out that by wearing a garment twice as many times as the average before discarding it, the environmental impact is lessened by 49%.

It goes on to say that it's hard to get numbers on what average is, but one survey estimates clothes get worn seven times. Looking at all the factors, I understand it. But thinking about how little 14 wears is, 7 hammers home the frantic pace of it all.

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mild crime, recommendations welcome 

so if -- hypothetically of course -- i were looking to download a few movies to watch with my wife on a short kid-free getaway, what should i download besides The Green Knight?

she doesn't care much for action movies, neither of us care for Marvel or gore. would be nice not to watch anything *too* heavy. do they still make romantic comedies??

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Outlandish, one of the other co-ops in our CoTech network that we've done plenty of work with over the last few years is hiring Full Stack Developers.

If you like an emotionally intelligent working environment and working on important stuff, take a look!

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