i went to a garage sale yesterday and it turned out to be at the house of a big time local birder i don't think ive met before! i was too late to score any of the binoculars he was selling, but i picked up these two neat books - finally taking a look at them today. They're leaving the country and said they'll be pulling more stuff out of the attic for weeks - im gonna have to go back without the kids another weekend and poke around more.

Remember a thousand years ago when every time news came out about President Trump's cruelty towards immigrants, people would solemnly and passionately proclaim, "That's Not Who We Are" ?

alc (can check) 

Caturday is short for Cold Afternoon Tallboyurday

Finally cleaned out the chicken coop and run, which means i finally tested out my compost sifter. We got nearly two full wheelbarrows of finished soil out of the compost barrel, and completely refilled it with sodden shavings and grass clippings. All the large bits we sifted out went onto the open pile, along with some old gross straw.

terfs on fedi 

fucking point it somewhere else man

uspol / covid 

Covid-19: *still doing a 9/11 every week in the US, in terms of deaths*

The CDC:

selfie, ec ( person and dog ) 

good morning from a big stinky goofball, and also Toby the dog

back home from a few nights in the woods! Pepper did an awesome job camping, and he sure smells like it 🤢

i'm just happy that kids these days still know enough about Parappa the Rapper to kin the characters...

i feel like i found the record they had in the Pen & Pixel house growing up


Sun Tea & Stonefruit Season ~after dark~

my brilliant plan is: i went to Ace and bought a 3/4" dowel rod, and drilled a hole right above where the door sits.

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