what could there possibly be to fear in the afterlife, when we live like this?

selfie, no ec 

Got this in an iPhoto memory from a few years ago... i miss this length of beard but the sides were too bushy.

Maybe someday i'll figure out how to balance it better but lately ive been pulling on it too much to get that long...

i forgot about these until i was cleaning out the car the other day - i feel like they would go great in a time capsule. Do people still do that, or are we just done with being excited about the passage of time by now?

i like my 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner like i like my women like i like my coffee:

This morning i went on a tremendous bird walk along the levee. 3.5 miles, two hours. i even found a path through the batture that bisected a big lagoon and ended at the riverbank.

old pic, eye contact maybe? 

we found some shoeboxes of old photos. here's me as Captain Planet for Halloween, 1990-something

ec but mild 

not a yearbook photo, but by coincidence i just stumbled across this pic of me and my wife roughly 10 years ago, before we were married

selfie, sunglasses 

are these sunglasses too small for my head???

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