Me: lol i really don't think i need push notifications for YouTube recommen--


tattoo; more of my thigh than one might prefer to see? 

*softly, to myself* congration, you done it

shop talk / python, testing 

i know this is not the easiest way to handle a data fixture but, it's what we've got here. is there something i'm missing that's obviously wrong with this code??? (yes, datadir is defined outside this func)

expectation is that it will execute all statements in test_data.sql , the connection will be available for all tests in the module if needed, and it will rollback all database changes after running the tests in the module.

The autumn vibes were undeniable at the lake yesterday morning. I didn't get any good pics of the many spiderwebs but they all looked phenomenal with the mist beading on them.

the bracketed text in this email subject is cracking me up

Hello friends. Your intrepid goofus spent the last hour or so shoveling shit.

But now the chicken coop and run are clean and fresh, and to make room in the compost bin I got this beautiful wheelbarrow full of finished compost out of the bottom!

running, selfie (ec) 

just got back from the lake. i ran 3 miles, for the first time in a long time. Saw a green heron and some great dogs. And my running hat was too stinky so i wore a sweatband, which means i had a really interesting 'do by the time i got home

i'm not saying leftists aren't allowed to dress nice or whatever but uh. *this guy* ??

Pepper just jogged a mile and a half with me! Please praise the good boy

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