Qanon, country music 

๐ŸŽถ They've got a kid, kid in a pen, comet pizza ping pong, all we need is to stop the steal and join Qanon

yโ€™all check out this big-ass rock i dug out of the yard yesterday. size 10 sneaker for scale

on friday afternoon the boys and i went to the bird sanctuary for the first time in a while. everyone had a good time, despite a brief interlude sitting on the Grumping Rock.

we got a good look at some herons and turtles - including three different large (18" or bigger!?) snappers!

tree, mild goofball ec 

went for a short run yesterday to say hello to this badass

sometimes an idea hits you and you gotta get it out, whether its good or not

did i post this picture before? i took it last september. anyway i think this one is pretty good and i'd like you to see it.


This smells like the chemicals they put in a porta potty, and my wife just handed it to me and let me rub it all over my mouth like that's normal

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dog ec 

guess who found a mud puddle in the yard

Dear The New York Times,

she what!?

(She received a dose of the vaccine)

get to know me meme 

i generally assume people aren't interested in this kind of stuff from me, and that's fine, but hey why not?

lmao i'm going to get banned from the local tech chat aren't i?

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