A thing people don't say much about leaving Facebook and other big mainstream social media, is that it's not normal for us to be followed around by ghosts of our childhood for our entire life. If you stay in one place and so does everyone else that's one thing, but if you leave that place you should not be obligated to worry about who there will get mad at you, or who there is missing the context of your current self and will judge you for the past, and so on

It's really nice to shed that.

@redoak this was on my mind just yesterday and it's nice to have this perspective!

@redoak turns out the inversish of the opening fits the conclusion too - a cousin relating the challenges of being a parent to a 20yo who is sharing college and vacation pics that we would never have imagined sending home to our parents. Takes a stronger parent to not follow their kids lives though.

In both cases, mistakes about a persistent now?

@redoak I got something like that effect when I changed FB accounts instead of just renaming my deadname. People I cared about followed me. Nobody from high school, or bible study, or whatever did. My disapproving family members opted out. It was its own kind of freeing at the time.

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