Institutional religion, especially churches, are rapidly declining in America and there is no lack for explanations from all sides -religious and secular explanations.

Yet, any explanation for why religions are declining must also be able to explain why virtually every secular social institution, like the boy scouts, the free masons, and the NAACP, are also declining in membership.

It's not just churches, people just don't know how to be a part of a community anymore.

Ok, THAT is getting screenshoted and shared with friends

@RL_Dane My personal pet theory: Television and in-home on-demand entertainment.

Being part of a community takes a little bit of work and risk. Watching television provides parasocial relationships that require no work and no risk. This encourages people to just forgo the work and risk of being involved in a community and just stay home and watch TV.

@1dalm @RL_Dane As McLuhan put it, TV is a "cool" medium because you passively watch. Anything that increases interactivity increases the "heat" of the medium.


@bradysflungtablet @1dalm @RL_Dane *nodding* so, academically speaking, Twitter is a hot mess, got it

@bradysflungtablet @redoak @1dalm

The poop: political posts, propaganda, disinformation, and manipulation
The fanning tail: Russian bots and propaganda accounts

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